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Bunionectomy Recovery

August 1st, 2011

Bunionectomy recovery may take from weeks to months depending on how the surgery was done and how you deal with your healing bone afterwards. Most people are likely to be concerned of their chances of recovering their normal walking pattern and how long before they can walk again normally.

How to Go Through Your Bunionectomy Recovery Efficiently

As with most surgeries, it’s imperative to clearly understand your doctor’s recommendations post-op. How quickly you get back on your normal life will highly depend on how diligent you are during your recovery period.

Critical Period of Your Bunionectomy Recovery

You have to know that the first week of your bunionectomy recovery is critical, particularly the first 4 days. Swelling, pain and bleeding may be your worst enemies at this time but this is the same time to make sure they don’t get severe in the future. Anti-biotics and anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed with analgesics. Depending on your doctor’s recommendations, you are most likely to be under antibiotic regimen for 7 days. Pain medications may be taken every 6 hrs or as needed.

The entire bunionectomy recovery process will be affected by the critical days. Some non-pharmacological interventions may also be used such as foot elevation above the waist and some cold packs every 6hrs or when needed but make sure there is at least 4hrs interval between cold compresses. If you’re not careful, swelling can easily happen. And if you haven’t known yet, with swelling comes pain and sometimes bleeding. Too much swelling can delay the entire bunionectomy recovery process.

Here are some tips for a good bunionectomy recovery process after the operation:

When showering, its best to keep the foot dressing dry by covering it with a plastic bag. One thing you should remember is to never allow your dressing to get wet or moist. Doing so will just aggravate the bacteria production, eventually causing infection and delaying the recovery process. Your stitches will be removed 7-14 days post op but if there are attached wires or plates on your foot that needed to be removed, make sure you ask your doctor when.

Walking may not be advised for a few days or during the first week after surgery. Putting weight on your foot may cause abrupt dislocation and may only just worsen the bunion. Like all other surgeries, it is best to be careful on the part affected after the operation. Bones, for most, takes long to heal so the more that you shouldn’t expect to resume normal functioning as early as the first week. This doesn’t roll out the weight bearing exercises though since you’ll be asked to start practicing your feet about 3 weeks post-op.

You may have to use crutches or canes until the time that your foot has healed enough to support your weight. Always ask your doctor first before doing any changes with your exercises and walking equipments, especially when to stop using them. Weight bearing must be done gradually and step by step.

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