Bunion Surgery Recovery, Bunion Surgery Recovery Time, Bunion Surgery Recovery Period

Bunion Surgery Recovery

August 3rd, 2011

Bunion Surgery Recovery

before and after photo on bunion surgery recovery

A bunion forms when the first metatarsal, the bone that connects to the big toe, gets pushed outward sending the big toe toward the second toe. The above before picture shows a typical bunion. The “bump” can be red, inflamed, and very painful. One common cause of bunions is ill-fitting shoes with narrow toes or high heels. For this reason women are generally a high percentage of bunion patients. Lots of times a bunion can be painful in certain shoes. Changing to more comfortable, properly fitted shoes can often correct a bunion if caught early.

For the more painful, severe bunions surgery is required to re-align the foot bones and remove the “bump”.

Bunion Surgery Recovery

severe bunion on bunion surgery recovery

So, if you have discussed your situation with an orthopedic surgeon and decided to have the bunion removed, now what should you expect?  The surgeon will make a small incision in the foot, cut out the bunion, and realign the bones.  If severe enough, pins or steel plates could be inserted to ensure proper alignment of the first metatarsal bone.

Bunion Surgery Recovery

Bunion Surgery Recovery

bunion surgery recovery

Bunion surgery recovery is largely dependant on how well you follow doctor’s orders. During your bunion surgery recovery the best thing you can do is to stay off the foot as much as possible the first 3 – 5 days. Keeping the foot iced and elevated will help to reduce swelling and pain during the bunion surgery recovery period. Your doctor may have you use crutches or a cane for the first few weeks after bunion surgery to keep as much weight off the foot as possible. The less weight on the foot, the better and faster you will heal.

Since the bandages are applied to your foot to aid the positioning of the bones during bunion surgery recovery, most doctors want to change the bandages instead of having you do it. They will check the incision site for infection and proper alignment of the first metatarsal.

Bunion Surgery Recovery

bunion surgery recovery

You should be able to return to work and drive in about a week, with the proper shoes and time, you should have a successful bunion surgery recovery with little chance of recurrence.

Bunions are predominantly found among women studies have shown, to be more exact, ten time more in women than men. There are several suggested reasons to why these bunions occur. When it comes to shoe wear, the wearing of tight shoes around the foot can cause the big toe to begin to push the big toe inward. Also, wearing pointed toe shoes is another suggestion towards this particular medical incident. Ballet dancers are commonly known to have the formation of bunions the longer they continue with their dancing career.

Bunion Surgery Recovery

In some cases, doctors are finding that it can also be a genetic predisposition. Children that are found with bunions are sure to find either one of the parents with them, or a generation that is before them. Arthritis has been found to be a cause of the creation of bunions as well. Simply injuring your foot, such as stubbing it, fracturing it, or even breaking has been known to cause bunion cases.

If you’re not too familiar with this term, or for that matter unsure that you’re at any risk of having a bunion that may or may not bother you, take a look at some of the symptoms.

First and foremost, with bunion symptoms, their may or may not be any. A person with this medical issue might find walking to be a bother to them. They will feel a certain amount of pain and tenderness every time they walk on that particular foot. The more walking and pain caused to the area will only cause the inflammation to get worse, and making walking nearly impossibly uncomfortable.

Deciding if you need surgery or not is completely upon the doctor once going in. They may simply tell you that if you continue to wear wider shoes and don’t apply too much pressure to the area, then you’ll be fine. But if there is no possible way, considering your work schedule and how much you’re always on the go, then the option of surgery might no longer seem an option at all. These cases have been known to get worse, for instance, the longer you allow the problem to go, your big toe has a chance of furthering itself inwards towards your other toes, causing more pain.

As mentioned above, the recovery time for such these procedures are quick and hasty. Keeping you off your feet for a couple of days is most recommended, and also the use of crutches and a walking cane can also be of useful service to you.

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  1. Julie Says:

    For anyone that wanted to follow along with me as I go through my recovery here is a blog I put together. I will do my best to keep it updated. http://downsbunionnews.blogspot.com/

  2. CJ Says:

    I had bunion surgery 3 weeks ago. I just went today to get a new cast (a walking cast). My first week out of surgery was far LESS painful than people on these forums made it out to be. Especially with the pain killers that you’re prescribed to take. I had several procedures done (bunion, ankle, and toes reconstructed) and I still barely felt any pain. Icing seemed to help the swelling and I usually felt better after it. Also, I kept my leg elevated whenever possible.

    I was on pain killers for a week which worked out well. Now there is some discomfort but not really any pain. The day of the surgery I was in the least amount of pain. I think a combination of the pain killers and the anesthetic that was all over my foot, made it feel totally numb. (I was on a pain killer, valium, an anti-inflammatory, and an anti-biotic, which all seemed to be effective).

    I stayed in the hospital just for a few hours after my surgery and was able to go home that day.

  3. Angel F Says:

    If you’re curious as to what I did to speed up the recovery time, feel free to send me an email @ fungang3@hotmail.com. Cheers!

  4. Angel F Says:

    Had both bunions removed and big toes realigned last year at St. Joseph Hospital in Toronto, Ontario May4/10 & Sept13/10.

    No casts, no screws, no physio and back in heels @ 6 weeks. Off the painkillers after day 3 for the most part. Both feet look amazing.

    My surgeon instructed me to wear 1.5-2″ heels to use my weight to flex the joint in lieu of physio. But absolutely NO POINTY SHOES!

    The nurses and the surgeon were all quite shocked at how fast i recovered. I followed maybe 60% of the standard recovery rules and did everything else on my own terms while letting my surgeon know. He was comfortable as he was amazed at the rapid recovery speed he was witnessing.

    Good Luck to all you ladies out there!

  5. Sally Says:

    I am three weeks post bunionectomy and have had a very easy recovery.
    I was walking without crutches from day 3, with a “toe shoe” (http://www.en.ormihl.fr/toeshoes.htm) with a wedge bottom that kept weight off the front of my foot. I was off painkillers by day seven.
    The absorbable stitches came out at the end of the second week, and I’ve since been able to do daily foot soaks in cool, salty water, which feels fantastic.
    I now have one more week in the “toe-shoe” with just a flat bottom, and then I can wear running shoes.
    My big toe is only slightly swollen, and the incision is perfectly closed.
    I have read through a bunch of the posts here, and my advice to anyone who is considering a bunion surgery is to investigate your options for post-op care… it seems to me that casts and crutches can prolong the healing process. I guess it all depends on what exactly you need to have done, but ladies, do your research, ask questions.

  6. Ella Says:

    I had bunion sergury on both feet on 29 Sept 2011. I had the op done at the Spire Southampton Hospital. I arrived at the hospital early as i had to get a flight from Jersey, after waiting around for a few hours i was finally shown to my room and checked in etc. I finally went down to theatre at about 5.30, i think the worse pain i have felt was the thing in my hand by the aneasatist!!! Was out after a hour and a half or so and taken back to my room, i didnt feel any pain at this point which was great.

    I decided i need to go to the toilet and didnt want help so stood up and walked on my heels, again no pain but oh wait whats that on the floor….a trail of blood! so back to bed an an hour later the pain kicks in, it wasnt as i expected it was more just a throbbing pain, which i was used to experiencing with the bunions anyway.

    I had 2 nights in hospital and returned home on the saturday, kept my feet up sat day and night.

    I have from sunday found that i am able to walk relatively well without crutches and the pain is minimal.

    I am concerned about my second toe, i dont have full feeling back in it and it doesnt seem to sit right, this is nearly a week after the op…has anyone else experienced this?

    I am looking forward to getting my bandages changed next Monday will get a better look then at how the feet have turned out.

    All in all its not been as bad as the stories i have heard.

  7. Cathy L Says:

    I had bunion surgery on 6/24/11, at the same time on same foot had a large cyst removed from the tendon on the arch of my foot. I was told to not put any weight on my foot for 4 weeks due to the incision on the bottom of my foot. Painkillers only for 2 days after surgery, pain manageable. I iced often for the first 3 days. Kept my foot elevated for the full 4 weeks – pain was least manageable when the foot was not elevated. It’s now Oct 1 I’ve been working out extensively at the gym for 6 weeks – wear my presurgery shoes (no heels quite yet). I had to buy a new pair of athletic shoes for the first 4 weeks I was in shoes. At 4 weeks I was told by dr to start contrast baths (hot/cold) – the best thing for swelling. I still keep my foot up if I’m sitting down – but no problems. I really think the icing and putting the foot up at the beginning is key to fast recovery.

  8. Sara Says:

    I had double bunion surgery on 9/26 … first day was the hardest the day but im on day 5 and no pain killers. =-)
    I started a blog to follow my progress. http://mybunionsurgeryjourney.blogspot.com/
    Best wishes to everyone who has this surgery!!

  9. Patricia Says:

    I had both my bunions done on June 24, 2011 in Newmarket Ontario. Was put in plaster casts. No pain at all the whole 8 week recovery. Had new cast put on after 4 week, then after the next four had the stitches removed. Have a small screw in each big toe. Got around walking on my heels, did not to ice at all or use walker – it was more bother than it was worth. With that being said now I’m very frustrated. It has been 3 months and the only shoes I can wear are crocs or bulky running shoes. I cant even think of wearing any of my old shoes and I went shoe shopping and can’t fit into anything as my foot is still very swollen, and since I only take a size 5 shoe if I go up a size for the width they are flopping off my feet, so I guess it is back to my crocs. My big toes look like little sausages and I’m just assuming my foot is still swollen. I rub cream on my scars at night but they are not bothering me. Hopefully in 6-l2 months I will be able to fit back into some of my shoes as this why I had the surgery in the first place – to wear my shoes without any pain! I’m not doing any physical therapy but he has told me to pull my big toes forward several times a day to flex them…..I don’t know how this sound to anyone else there in relation to their recovery but just from what I can figure, the people who have had the old fashion plaster casts seem to have less pain.

  10. lauren Says:

    9/21/11 bunion surgery + full joint implant 1st metatarsal (big toe) for hallux rigidus, couldn’t bend toe at all and in constant pain. Shoes are torture chambers. 9/26/11 and I am very impressed w/ recovery, swelling and pain under control. I firmly believe that the key is ICE regularly and ELEVATE FOOT as much as possible! Taking naproxen twice a day for inflammation, helps but is hard on the stomach. walking w/ surgical shoe and now bearing almost full weight on my foot. so far so good.

  11. Mr. B Says:

    Had right bunionectomy on 9/12 by a doctor that also has worked on pro athletes. Prior to surgery, the surgery center asked if I wanted to rent/buy a cold therapy unit (ctu). After hearing price 150/week or 250 to buy, I found a medical supply co (I think venture medical); they had a free shipping and labor day deal that made it 175 ( perfect sense I can reuse for left foot surgery in dec). 9/12 arrived @ 6:30am, surgery @ 9am, head home @11:15 am. Dropped prescription for 40 percocet on way home. Come home, get in bed and apply ctu: remember to prepurchase ice to ease load for caretaker. By 6pm pain creeps in so 1st 2 pills taken. 9/13 still use ctu and pills but by noon the pain is coming faster than pills intervals. Dr says take Motrin in between percs. 9/14-9/16 pain dissipates except for throbbing when moving around. 9/17 able to walk on heal for short intervals without much pain. Some nights I took 1 perc to be comfortable to sleep. Post op is appt is 9/27. I’ll probaly wear post op shoe for another month.

  12. Julie Says:

    I have my surgery scheduled for 11/17/2011.

    Has anyone had to go to physical therapy?

    Are you able to do any exercising after a month (swimming, stationary bike,) or are you in just too much pain?

    For those of you that have gotten past the 3 month mark are you pretty much back normal activity or no?

    Do any of you regret doing the surgery?

  13. Mindy R Says:

    Repeat surgery: I had crescentric osteotomy on both feet in 2010. The left was done last April and turned out perfect. The right was done in October and only a few month after the surgery it was back to pretty much where I had started. My doctor was a bit surprised and I recall her saying “I cut that ligament” referring to the one that pulled my big toe back to the next one. It actually bothers me more than it did before because now the big toe is starting to cross the next one which it didn’t do before. I have a metal plate and 5 screws in both feet from the first two surgeries. I am wondering if anyone else has gone through this and if it will be easier, harder or the same for the second surgery. The worst part is that it’s my right foot that has to be done again and that means another 8 weeks of no driving. :-

  14. kelly Says:

    Hello. I am on day 6 of my right bunionectomy. The first 48 hours out of surgery were very painful! Narcotics made me very sick and didn’t help with the pain so I started taking 600mg of IB prof every 4 hours. There were times that I was watching the clock counting down to the end of the 4 hours! I have found it very difficult to keep an ice pack on the side and top of the foot!.. The larger ice packs that stay cold the longest are so heavy! The best advise for that is to get the gel type ice pack 4″x6″? I wrapped mine in a cheese cloth type towel and tucked the cloth under my foot to help hold it in place. Sleeping is terrible. Last night I did take Tylenol PM and slept 6 hours straight! If I do get up and around it’s not long before the thumping starts. I must say each day does seem to be getting better, I have been elevated all day today but so far no ice. I have 3 more full days off of work and I am praying for a moraculaous turn around! I am able to wiggle my big toe. It feels tight but not painful. I am getting an occational sharp “nerve” feeling mostly on the top of my foot every once in a while. I hope that is a good sign! The crutches stink! my palms and armpits hurt lol.. I am hoping to start to use the aircast more and more! Prior to my surgery, I went to Michael’s craft store and bought strapbooking stickers (bedazzled,, rindstone type)I am planning on making my aircast as “cute” as it can be.. besides, I can’t do much of anything else!!

  15. Maria van den Heever Says:

    Hallo, My name is Maria and I had the bunion surgery done on 15/08/2011, had to stay overnight and left the next day. My doctor recommend me to walk as much as possible to get proper blood flow and to decrease the swelling.
    Had done both feet at the same time. 2 Weeks after surgery stitches was removed, feet still swollen, but can walk without any aid. Has been walking shortly after surgery up until now. Only problem I am at least 8 – 12 hours on my feet every day and at night the pain is getting me down. Is there any thing I can do to ease it without pain killers??

  16. Kori Kennedy Says:

    Hi everyone. I am having my bunion surgery tomorrow September 1st, 2011. I am extremely nervous about it. I had read a lot of different websites about the recovery process and I have talked with my doctor about basically everything. But reading through some of the comments on here makes me feel a little better that the recovery process is not that bad. I think I will have a problem walking around school, since I am in college and I will not be able to drive because there are no parking spaces.

  17. Jacki Says:

    I had bunion surgery on Wednesday, it’s now Saturday. Here’s my experience:

    I had to be at the hospital at 6am, the surgery was scheduled for 7am. The anesthetist came in and told he he would be giving me something to make me sleep and he left the room.

    Next thing I knew, I was in recovery, stayed there for awhile and then was wheeled out of the hospital to my daughter’s car and took the short 10 minute drive home. I was home in my recliner by 10:30.

    The day before surgery I made a huge pot of vegetable soup and some of my famous spaghetti sauce, plus I had plenty of sandwich material around. My surgeon gave me a prescription for a knee-walker and when I went to pick it up, the girl told me that a steerable walker was an upgrade and would be $60 a month.

    Since I expected to be using the knee-walker over a month I did some math. $60 + $60 = $120, X 2 for when I get the other foot done = $240. So I found a medical supply company selling the steerable knee-walkers for $219, and I just bought one. It is a lifesaver. And when I’m finished I’ll either sell it or donate it.

    Now the pain: When I arrived home my foot was still numb so the pain was minimal. I had a script for hydrocodone and at doc’s suggestion, took one right away. He also gave me a script for an antibiotic and a muscle relaxer (to be taken at bedtime for sleep).

    Later on that day when the feeling returned to my foot, the pain started but I was ahead of it b/c I had immediately taken a pain pill. That night I slept like a baby and didn’t wake up once from pain. The next day, 1st day post-op (but 2nd day if we’re counting) was the worst. I couldn’t seem to get the foot, elevated though it was, in a spot where it didn’t hurt. The pain pills probably helped, but didn’t seem to, even though I was taking one every three hours – earlier than the suggested every 4 to 6 hours. I used the knee-walker to the kitchen and made a sandwich then went to bed and once again slept like a baby.

    The next day, Friday, was much better, pain meds seemed to work and my toes (that I can see) are nice and pink.

    Today, 4th day, 3rd day post-op I’m doing well. My foot hurts but it’s not unbearable, it’s just very sore. But for the most part, I’m comfortable. I hope the recovery continues as it has so far and I can’t wait to see my fixed foot. Will keep everyone updated.

    I can’t say enough about the knee-walker, it’s a blessing and actually kind of fun. One leg rests on a cushion and you propel it with the other foot. Kind of like when you were a kid on a scooter and with no weight on the injured foot there is ZERO pain.

  18. Mary Says:

    Hi all,
    I just had Hallux and Tailor bunions, hammer toe and mucoid cyst removed from my right foot at the end of July. Now in the third week and becomming more mobile everyday. There is some pain associated with the healing but I am very happy I had this done as the everyday pain was getting worse. Now I want to get the other foot done before it gets as bad as the right foot. Great doctors in South Jersey…Katz & Bisignero.

  19. Rowena Says:

    I am four weeks out from bunion surgery and two hammer toe corrections. The pin came out of my little toe last week and the pin is due to come out of the second toe in two weeks. At that time the doctor said I would also come out of the air walker (feels more like a cinder block!). So far so good. The first week I stayed off of it as much as possible and iced it. I went back to work the next week. Fortunately I work part time and have a desk job, so I’m not on it a lot.

    Several people have mentioned scar issues. Two years ago I broke my wrist and had surgery (way more painful than the bunion surgery!!!). When I started physical therapy, the therapist gave me some silicone scar sheets to cover the scars at night. They help flatten and soften the scar. These sheets are now available at most drug stores. As soon as my dressings comes off I plan on getting some for my incisions on my foot. Just a suggestion.

  20. Marla Says:

    I handed surgery the 29th of June, it. Has been difficult recovering. I have followed doctors orders. I just wasnt expecting such long recovery time, getting a shoe on the first time is killer, then walking is difficult, i still have alot of Swelling I go to d.octor friday for my seventh week checkup and supposed to return to work in the 27th i am. Very nervous about it dont think i can right 12 hours, just tried driving yesterday it was very painful. I have alot of swelling at the incision site,my big toe at the base has little feeling, i have pins in my first and second toes. The foot looks good i did put surgery off to long and am. Paying for it now and being a hospital worker on. My. Feet long hours hasnt helped but i always wore good nursing shoes and support hose throughout my career. I do. Suggest. A shower seat, curad has plastic covers to pu on your foot ,get some grabbers to reach things, I also. Love my pillow wedge i purchased makes keeping foot elevated comfortable make sure to bend your knee and ankle often from the start. I used frozen peas wrapped in towel to ice and i put a small refrigirator up stairs. I just want to get back to feeling my normal self and get my independance back.

  21. angie Says:

    Hello, everyone. I had My bunion removed and my 1st metatarsal realigned on March 14th.I am 8 weeks No Weight bearing, then will wear a walking cast for who knows how long. Had my stitches out a few weeks ago and removed my fibreglass cast and put me in an aircast. my incision became infected. i was in so much pain after the stitch removal and couldn’t figure out why. My incision became more painful everyday. I thought the aircast was pushing on the incision and hurting it.
    I am day 8 of antibiotics and feel so much better. I can actually put a bit of weight on my heel.
    My foot looks great! the other two incisions are fully healed. my toe is straight and looks awesome. I still am very, very stiff and can barely move my big toe. I also have a lot of weird nerve sensations, which hopefuly won’t last too long.

    Some bunion surgeries are quick to recover from. Some, like mine are not. I am a cake decorator and will not be able to return to work for 3-4 mths! Just something to keep in mind if you are planning surgery.

    Somethings to have on hand if you are thinking of surgery.
    Lots, and I mean lots of prepared meals.
    A small shoe box to keep near your bed or wherever you hang out. I put all my pills, vitamins, tissues, guaze, and personal care items in there so it is all in one place.
    at least 3 ice packs! 8 weeks in and I still ice every 2-3 hours.
    A seat for the shower, and a waterproof cast liner
    Lots of books and mags
    Anyway, I hope that helps somebody. Surgeons tell you how to heal but nobody tells you really what to expect for your day to day life.

  22. Patricia Stratulak Says:

    Nicoleta, I am having both my feet done at the end of June. I spoke to another patient of my Doctor’s and she had both feet done 8 weeks ago and is returning to work. She said she did not need a walker and had no problem wobbling around from room to room. However, she was not able to have a shower for the full 6 weeks. She also said her feet are somewhat swollen but all in all she is very very glad she did the surgery. We live north of Toronto and both heard wonderful feedback about the Doctor we have. As much as I’m scared to have this surgery (some of the negative comments and experiences on this site factored into this) I feel I have no choice as I’m 58 and have lived with foot pain for so many years I’m gambling it can only be better after surgery.

  23. Nicoleta Says:

    @ Elena Date: Wednesday, Apr 27 2011 – I am too having the surgery on both feet same day…can u give me more info about that please? I am so scared of this surgery, but I need to get it done:(

  24. Elena Says:

    I had my surgery on both feet at the same time ten months ago. The scars were a bit painfull and sencetive at first. I took vitamin e supplements for three months after the surgery and rubbed vitamin e cream into the scars. The scars almost disappear now. I was fully back to my pre-surgery activities around six months after the surgery. Now I feel better than before the surgery, but still not able to wear very high (above 7 sm) shoes.

  25. Miss T Ennis Says:

    Hi All,

    I had a buniono op on my left foot on the 26th of Jan and its nearly 3 months on,

    my scar has healed perfectly and my toe has all flexibilty back, im concerned though as i am having alot of pain in the rest of my foot just under my other toes and it swells wen i walk for more than 10 mins

    the op i had cut the bone and inserted 2 screws and i had no problems post op, does anyone know what could be causing this? email me please on talisaennis@hotmail.co.uk

  26. Mary Says:

    I am 6 weeks post-op, surgery on right foot with 2 pins, saw doc yesterday, he said bones have healed properly. I have a small bump on the bone, he said some people make too much bone, the extra calcium should dissolve. I also have a lump under scar, he said to massage, it will get better with time. I am walking in a shoe that is a size bigger than my normal size; by the end of the day my foot is very tired, and slightly swollen. It is not painful to walk, but it seems like I’m walking on the outside of my foot; it seems hard to put the foot flat on the floor. Hopefully will get better with time.
    There are some good tips on this site; I have been trying one I saw above, about trying to pick up a sock with the toes.
    I need to have my left foot done at some point, I am waiting to see how this one pans out. The pain wasn’t the big problem for me, it is the long tedious recovery. I think it is very important with this surgery to remember that every day it will get a little, (sometimes very little), bit better.(unless there are complications, of course.)

  27. Susan Emmons Says:

    Here is a follow up to my original post. Went to a different Dr. to get a second opinion & basically found out the first Dr. did it wrong. The operating Dr. is an older man. My new Dr. said he did the surgery a very old fashioned way. He made the incision exactly where they tell them in med school NOT to make it. He made the incision right along the nerve so therefore when it healed up the scar tissue entrapped the nerve. When he did the second surgery to free up the nerve he just opened it back up where he originally had opened it up so the results were the same. It was totally pointless. The first Dr. basically left me on my own after the surg. There were alot of things I should have done that he never told me to do. So now I have to go have physical therapy to desensitise the nerve. I am hoping this will solve my problem. But I know now who will do the next bunionectomy on my right foot & I feel it will be done right & I will have better results & the healing process will be much better & thorough. I am happy to have some answers!!

  28. Molly Says:

    Happy to report that exactly four months after a bunionenctomy and hammertoe repair, I ran 10 miles on April 16.
    I plan to run a half marathon May 29.
    This sounds weird, but I’m looking forward to have the bunion on the left foot taken care of later this year. Then I’ll have two pretty feet for the first time ever!

  29. Marlene Says:

    Hello, I had bunion surgery about 7 weeks ago.
    My surgeon recommended only going back to work after 3 months. My incision is nicely healed, toe is straight. And I am walking somewhat comfortably with a tensor and crocs. I am doing gentle exercises to increase flexibility with my toe and the swelling is getting to be less. I find walking short distances to be the best for my comfort. The surgeon said that swelling could be expected for quite awhile yet. Keeping a tensor on during the day is helping alot! I am happy I had it done!

  30. Joan Says:

    3/15/11–Left foot Bunion Surgery / pin & screw, also tailors bunion filed down. 1st week stayed off of it, iced it, elevated it and took anti-inflammatory. 04/12/11–had cast removed, wrapped in gauze and ace for 2 more weeks. I started using a bone stimulator machine (ultra sound), it was sent to my house for me to use 20 minutes every day for 3 months. I can honestly say that it really has not been bad (like some of the horror stories you see in this webfile). Incidentally, I was out of work for 5 days, off crutches 3rd week and all in all…I’m feeling pretty good.

  31. admin Says:

    I had bunion surgery 4 weeks ago today. The first week I stayed off my feet and iced it and took ibuprofen. The second week I ventured out on crutches or walker. By the end of the third week, I got rid of the crutches and walker and I am very mobile. Tomorrow the cast comes off and really can’t wait to submerge my foot in water. By the end of the day, there is mild throbbing but I sleep like a baby and I’m thrilled. I owe it all to my Podiatrist Dr. Wendy Young in Great Neck, NY.

  32. Hughie Says:

    It has been 10 months since I had bunion surgery on both feet. I am concerned with my right toe that is still stiff and still tender. My doctor was not recommending PT but two months ago I decided to go for an assessment. Even after two months at the PT, my right tstile still stiff compared to my left foot. My physiotherapist mentioned yesterday that I may require another surgery to remove the scar tissue. Should I hope that the improvements are still possible?

  33. Susan Emmons Says:

    I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I had bunion surgery 2 years ago. I was having LOTS of sensitivity at the scar. The Dr. said that the nerve got entrapped in the scar tissue & that was causing the problem. He did surgery again, just opened it up & freed the nerve. I STILL HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! I have to put a big band aid over the scar when I wear certain shoes. If anything rubs on it or if something hits it (like if my dog or my son accidentally steps on it)& go through the roof. It hurts sooo bad. It is like an exposed nerve. I am going to a different Podiatrist in 2 weeks to see what his opinion is. I think the Dr. I had didn’t do a good job. Any input on this?

  34. angie Says:

    Hi, I had lapidus procedure bunion surgery on my left foot march 14th.I have 3 incisions, one on the bunion, the top of my foot and in between my big and second toe. that incision causes me alot of grief. I have had bone surgery on my jaw and thought I was prepared for the pain. this surgery is the worst pain I had ever felt. I am non weight bearing for 8 weeks which really sucks. I drive a standard so I can not even get out for just a bit. Friday April 1st my fibreglass cast and stitches were removed. I was fitted with an aircast which is horrible. IT feels so heavy and bulky. I was in extreme pain after the stitch removal. The cast pushes down on my incisions and hurts. Especially if I swell. I am now getting nerve pain and my big toe feels very strange. Hopefully the nerve pain is a good sign.

  35. Mindy R Says:

    Susan E….I had surgery a full year ago and my scar is still very sensitive too. Not as bad as yours maybe but wearing sandals is too uncomfortable on both feet. Oddly enough the right feels better than the left and it is the more recent surgery. I’m interested to see what your next doctor says about. I’m hoping it is just a matter of.tome before its back to normal.

  36. Rosalie Smith Says:

    I had bunion surgery on my left foot. When I awakened from the surgery and the bandage was removed, there was this black hole behind my ankle. I asked the podiatrist what this was and he replied, “It will take weeks and weeks and weeks for this to heal. I found out the tourniquet had been kept on the foot for the entire two hours of the surgery and I had a foot ulcer that went clear to the bone. It took a year for a good doctor to get it healed and I had to have some 36 whirlpool baths on the foot. I sued the doctor and I could not recommend him to anyone!

  37. susan Says:

    Hi all – I have just had my third op completed 3 weeks ago, first one was bunion removal, toes pinned and straightened, second correction and new pin put in and the third to correct three hammer toes and again straighten my big toe. I must admit that in all the 3 ops this has been the most painful, I got the pins removed last week, they were protruding out of the top of my toes with caps to keep them in place, they just pulled them out, and no it was not painful, despite lots of horror stories, I did feel a stinging and I could feel them coming out, but it was not painful, but the toes were very sore for the next week, now they are more comfortable, but the swelling is more than I had previously. I am still in the surgical boot, and wonder if anyone else has had this done if so can you tell me how long it may be before I can get into a sandal I see the surgeon again in 4 weeks for more x rays as they removed the tip of the bone in each toe to assist the straighening, all I can say is ladies if you have a bunion/hammer toes – get them fixed, I am 54 and have now had the 3 ops over two years but can walk without pain (well I will be again when the swelling goes down) any comments re tips on getting the swelling down would be welcome.

  38. kate Says:

    I am 5 days post-op. The first 2 days were painful, but managed with prescription pain reliever. I iced, I elevated.

    My stitches are ugly looking. My ankle swells if I try to do too much.

    Overall, it’s not so bad and I look forward to being active again. AND, I will no longer be ashamed of a deformed foot. I am 46.

    Get it done!

  39. joan Says:

    On 3/15/11 I had bunion and tailor bunion removal at the local hospital by my Podiatrist. The surgery took longer than anticipated–2 hrs. and 45 minutes. Here I am a week later, have suffered some pain (thanks to Ibuprofen 800 mg every 8 hours). I took the last 5 days off from work and had my leg elevated and iced most of the days. I highly recommend a walker and if you have hardwood floors, you can be mobile in an inexpensive desk chair with wheels. BTW-six years ago I had my right foot done and after approx. 6 months of swelling, I got myself back into my size 9 1/2 shoe. Stay tuned!

  40. joan Says:

    I had bunion surgery 4 days ago. I had the full surgery where they cut the bone then pinned it back. I am in no pain and walking 100% with the boot on. I can bend my toes like before the surgery. I plan to have my other foot done in 2 months.

  41. Jacquelyn Says:

    I have had surgeries before, but this by far has been the most painful surgery. If you do not need to have this surgery, do not get it done. It has only been two weeks for me and I had no idea of how bad the pain would. The pain pills make me sick and they don’t really help. The swelling is the worst. My toe is burning and throbbing. When it is not elevated and I put it down, that is the most terrible feeling and the foot is so weak. I did not expect this. Right now, I just want the swelling to go away and I think that will help with all of the discomfort.

  42. Luisa Says:

    Hello , all. I just have question. Do you feel that you can do a very strong exercise routine after 3 month of surgery?. My husband is in the military and he is going to attend a very strong and demanding school where running and walking is a must. He has bunion in both foot. We are debating if he should wait after the class or should do the surgery before. If he has surgery he will have only 2 or 3 month for recovery. SUggestions, please.

  43. Patricia Says:

    Well Ladies I’m glad I found this website to gain some insight as to what I should expect…the experiences you all have had vary but on the whole I get the impression that most of you are glad you had the surgery and found your quality of life changed for the better. I also am more informed as the the questions to ask my surgeon at my pre surgery appointment…I go in June 28th of this year and am very very NERVOUS…I’m having both feet done with a temporary pin in the right foot. Wish me luck and I’ll be checking this site I’m sure many many times before I go in to reread your comments and success stories.

    Patricia from Ontario

  44. Christine Says:

    I am a 50 year old woman, had bunions on both feet since high school, but was self employed without enough insurance coverage till I got married two years ago. In Jan. our insurance deductible was going up 500., so I finally went to the doctor right before Christmas and elected to have both of my feet done at once. I did not need pins, but my big toes had started to cross on top of the next ones on both feet. I was in and out of surgery in less than an hour. I was able to walk with a walker, but advised to keep my feet up as much as possible for the first two weeks. The doctor ordered a VACU-THERM, from the PT to help with pain and swelling. It’s a machine with a velcro-wrap boot that runs cold water and air compression through it. I did it alternating between feet, 1/2 hour each foot, 6 – 8 times a day. I used this for the first 2 -3 weeks less and less each day. I had pain medication, but only used it the first few days at night. Mostly Motrin for the next week or so. I have three small incisions on each foot. The largest of these had only 3 stitches, which now is just a tiny line. The other spots are barely visible. I was concerned when about a week in, my feet looked like zombie feet, all purple and black, but that has steadily gone away. I have a little bit of redness on my big toes, they are a bit swollen still, but I do have feeling in them, and finally got into my own size gym shoe two days ago. It’s been about 7 weeks now. My doctor said that there is adhesions around the bone where it was cut, causing a hard ring of sorts. To work on breaking that up, I do small circles with my big toes, getting larger and larger in both directions,with my hands. He also said to lay a sock on the floor and practice trying to pick it up with my toes. He said I won’t be able to do it, but the motion will help with gaining mobility. I am hoping that I continue to heal well and will be back to riding my horse soon. I have another week or two before I can try to get in my cowboy boots. I was nervous at first, and when I looked up info online, it didn’t help much with that. Too much information and videos that made me feel sick. I’m glad I did this, glad to get it done and over with at one time, and happy with the results so far. My doctor kept reminding me that everyone is different, and heals at different rates, even with both feet done at once, they will heal differently. He reminded me not to compare them. I am still wearing toe alignment splints at night, and a pad between my big and second toe in a shoe during the day. In two weeks, I hope to get into my cowboy boots and back on my horse. It’s been a long recovery, but with the snow and cold, it was definetely the time to do it. Christine

  45. wendy Says:

    I had surgery on my left foot on the 7th Dec. They have fused the bunion with 2 staples and my bunionett has had a pin put in.I had to stay over night as they had put so much pain block in I could not feel my foot when they put me on crutches, I was in a lot of pain for the 1st wk and I also became very constipated (10 days in all) I had to get help for that and I dont mean medication? I went back to the hospital for x rays which the surgeon was happy with (not the surgeon who did the surgery)He signed me off of work for another 4 wks, and told me not to drive for at least 2 wks.
    Y foot is still very painful and so is my back and hip where i’m walking lop sided.
    I cant wait to get back to playing Badminton and walking my 2 dogs, I have also put on over 1/2 a stone through lack of exercise.
    After reading some letters from other people I’m hoping my recovery will be sooner rather than later. If anyone has any tips on how to lose weight after this kind of surgery and would love to hear from them.

  46. Cindy Says:

    I am 43yo and decided to have bunionectomy surgery on both my feet. I went to our local Health Food Store and purchased liquid Arnica and began rubbing it all over my foot for three days prior to my surgeries. Arnica helps to take away the shock or trauma if you will of the area. I had surgery on my left foot first on Wednesday 12/15/10, and right foot on Wednesday 12/31/10. I returned to work the following Monday mornings with my blue shoe from the surgery center. I went for a seven day checkup after each surgery and was healing nicely. I was able to put tennis shoes on next Monday morning and walking pretty normal now. I have been using scar cream and it looks real good. I talked to the doctor on whether or not scar creams really work and he said that plastic surgeons are not certain that they really work or if it is just the movement (rubbing) that is stimulating the cells to help heal. Either way I continue to use it just in case it does work. :-) The surgeon did say to rehab the toes by bending upwards for 20 seconds and downwards for 20 seconds so that the ligaments that were cut do not stiffen. I did not have to take but about five days of Vicodin for each foot, I alternated Ibuprofin too. All in all I do not think it was as bad as people I talked to about it, ALTHOUGH I did have two children 8lbs and above completely natural, tore, needed episiotomy. So that being said I must have a higher pain threshold or I am really stubborn. I beleive in herbs so maybe the Arnica helped or maybe it’s all in my mind I don’t know but something help to make it bearable. I would recommend looking for a highly reputable doctor and do your homework. Do your toe therapy too, it will help in the movement of the toes. Good luck to all who elects to have this done.

  47. joe Says:

    All my life I’ve wore socks because from an early age I’ve been insecure about my bunions because people would make fun of them. My grandmother and mother have bunions so I’m sure its genetic. Guess I’m thinking about surgery tho, so fuck insecurities =D

  48. donald Says:

    i am a physical ed teacher and college basketball referee. needless, to say i am constantly on my feet. for the last two months my foot pain is getting worst. i am starting to consider having bunion surgery after my last game for this season. what is the probability that i will be able to run and be ready for the following season within 6mos?


  49. Rosalie Says:

    I had a hammertoe surgery on my left foot 20 years ago. I can remember the old doctor sawing my toe in two and putting a pin in it. Believe it or not, that pin is still there and every other night or so my toe throbs and I cannot sleep. Can I have the pin removed or the nerve severed at this late date?

  50. susan Says:

    Sophea I just had to comment, I would say that 7 weeks is not bad to have some discomfort, but I have had surgery twice for my bunion, one for removal and pin and second for correction and I go for another one in March to pin two hammer toes and correct my big toe which has moved back over, but we all forget we got for surgery because it has been bad and painful or we are not able to walk properly, so please be aware not everyone has the same experience, and although there is pain, meds can sort that out, and as most other people posting can tell you, the end result is worth it, yes I have a pin in my big toe, it doesent bend but I can now walk for miles and thats all that matters to me. so hopefully you will find your foot improves, it took me a full year to get to this stage, but I can walk and do not suffer from pain or a sore hip now.

  51. Cheryl Says:

    After reading comments from others, I am way behind on healing after by bunionectomy with osteotomy. My bunions were considered severe and have been out of work for 3 months now ! Thank God for GoToMyPc or I would not have a job to return to. Anyway, my doctor had me casted for a full 8 weeks — no weight bearing at all. After that he removed my cast and insisted I stay non weight bearing for another two weeks before slowly starting to bear weight — first just standing then walking assisted with a walker. I am a young 50 year old and am returning to work this monday after New Years — Still unable to walk without crutches or the walker ! I was prepared for 8 weeks of recovery but not this and although my new reconstructed foot looks awesome . . . 3 months is way too long of a healing process. Still have to do the other foot, but I will wait a year. A big “BEWARE” to anyone who is thinking of getting this surgery — be prepared for a longer recovery than they tell you.

    P.S. I have been in physical therapy (3 times a week) since I was allowed to weight bear and I still cannot walk!

  52. sophia Says:

    I had a bunionectomy 2 months ago. DO NOT have bunion surgery unless you are in pain and your dr says it will only get worse with time. It is not worth it! I could not walk or drive for 7 weeks and the pain during the first week was excruciating. My toe does not bend at all, I doubt I will ever get full movement back into the toe.

  53. Molly Says:

    Hello all,
    I had surgery last Thursday–bunion plus a hammertoe fix and a repositioning of that second toe back into its socket (I had dislocated it). The procedure took two hours. In all, we were at the surgery center for six hours.
    I have yet to see the result, but this is what I have experienced thus far: The worst of the pain happened within the first 25 hours. About 18 hours into that, the pain was so severe that I took three Percocet. But ever since 6 p.m. on Friday, things have gotten progressively better. I have a pin in the second toe, which the doctor will remove in five weeks. I am a triathlete, so being laid up like this is very difficult for me, in fact, tougher than any pain I endured. But the pain had gotten pretty bad before the surgery, so I know this surgery was the right thing to do.
    The left foot has a bunion as well, and once it becomes intolerable, I will have it fixed. Really, 25 hours of severe discomfort is not too much to handle considering the positive outcome this surgery will bring me.
    Do not be afraid of the pain; it will subside. Molly

  54. christmasgirl Says:

    Hello! I am 43 yrs old and just had a bunionectomy on one foot. I have bunions on both feet but only the right foot was really deformed and painful when I walked. I have had bunions since before age 10, when I had done competitive gymnastics since age 5. Then I did ballet for 20 yrs and, well, my feet are messed up! I know they say to wait until you have pain before you have surgery and although I had no pain until 1 yr ago, I wish I had done the surgery years ago.
    So let me tell you about my experience and hopefully it will help someone. Let me preface this by saying that, after my surgeon opened up my foot, he discovered my bones were thin and fragile and consequently, the surgery ended up being more extensive than he planned. He initially told me I would be on crutches for 2 wks – Nope! I was on crutches for 7 wks and could not drive during that time either. The first 24 hrs after surgery was fine as my entire lower leg was numb. Then came the excruciating pain, yes, excruciating, but that only lasted 2 days. Then the worst part for the next week was the throbbing that would occur whenever my foot was not elevated. I dreaded going to the bathroom and could not stand long enough in the kitchen to make any decent food. I also was dumb enough to not wear my boot whenever I was up and I fell 3x, after which I wore my boot all the time. I was on pain pills for a little over a week and hated them because they made me nauseous and vomit twice after trying to drink tea. The best “medication” I used was Advil PM and/or melatonin at night to help sleep.
    I totally underestimated the help I would need from others after surgery, and if my friend had not volunteered to stay with me the first 2 days and to come over everyday after that for the next 3 wks, there is no way I could have had this surgery (I am divorced and live alone with 2 dogs). If you have dogs I strongly suggest having them stay somewhere else for the first few days.
    I am not saying all of this to discourage anyone! I just know that I would have liked to know more about the recovery than I did before my surgery so I hope this is helping someone.
    Let’s see, what else? I got bruises on both hands from the crutches and there was no way around that. My friend bought me some extra padding for the part of the crutch that goes under the arms and this was very helpful. I got mild to moderate scrapes on my sides from the crutches and just put lotion on them every night. My friend also bought me ice packs because you really need to keep ice on your foot at all times for the first 2 wks at least to reduce the swelling. The cold actually feels very good on the foot! My hip flexor and quad got very sore from holding my leg up while walking in crutches and I don’t know how to avoid this. I massaged my leg and used a heating pad, and this felt better. I started using arm weights and doing leg lifts for exercise after 2 wks, and this was important to increase the circulation of blood because sitting around doing nothing is bad for healing.
    It has only been 2 months since my surgery but I am now walking (slowly) and driving. My foot is still red and swollen but way less than it was. My dr said the foot can be discolored and swollen for another 4 months! The big toe is fairly straight and when I am wearing a sock my foot looks normal! I am only able to wear Ugg boots due to the swelling so thank god it is not summer. It is still uncomfortable to walk and my big toe is stiff and a little numb so I cannot comment on if the pain while walking has decreased. But I trust my doctor and feel I made the right decision to have this surgery. I was off work 3 wks although my dr wanted me to take off another 2 wks and I would have done that but did not have enough sick time. My dr told me if I had waited just one more year before having the surgery I would have had to take 2 months off work because my bunion was getting much worse with time. Keep in mind my surgery was more extensive than typical bunion surgery but if you can plan ahead like making meals you can just heat up, buying ice packs, etc., you will be more prepared than I was. Also make sure you have more than enough sick time – it was not fun to be at work on crutches and a hurt foot. Sorry this was so long, good luck everyone!

  55. sue Says:

    Ellen ? I?ve been going to a really good PT since week 7. He told me to do hot and cold treatments on my foot. I put my foot in the bathtub (warm water) and then put it in a basin filled with cold water and a few ice cubes. I do this 3 or 4 times and finish with warm water. I dry my foot off and then do the foot stretches/exercises and then finish by massaging the scars. I put vitamin e lotion on after massaging the scars, otherwise the skin will be too slippery to handle. By massaging the scars, I just use my thumb or index finger and do small circles or go back and forth. I?m really lousy at this, so I kind of rely on my PT to do it properly. He actually lifts the scars off the bone and moves them around. My first 4 appointments he did nothing but work the scars. He said that you can?t get proper ROM unless you do this. After massaging the scars and putting vitamin e lotion on, I then put silicon tape (Mepiform) on the scars. It?s really expensive but worth it and you can reuse it after you take it off. All is going really well for me so far. I?m in week 10 and can walk, swim and use the stationary bike as much as I want with no pain or swelling. I hope all is going well with you Ellen.

  56. sue Says:

    I am having bunionette (the pinky side) surgery at end of January 2010. Just a “shaving”, he’s just gonna slice the bump right off. No realigning; cutting/breaking bone, pins, etc.
    He said my feet are wide, but not “splayed” is the term Dr. used. He said that wideness simply happens to most as we age, & in my case genetics too.
    So I hope recovery is easier/quicker than the bone breaking & realigning kind of surgery!
    We shall see. Gulp.

  57. susan Says:

    sue/Cindy thanks for the comments re the knee walker, its not something I have heard off, I am in the uk and note most of the postings are from USA so we have slightly different things. I was told by the surgeon it would have to be crutches this time as I will have three toes pinned, yuk what a thought, but I will certainly have a look on the amazon. expecting lots of frustration but also laughs when I try to get around on the crutches, didnt have them for the last 2 surgeries as I was in cast and a surgical shoe, oh dear back to all that again, just when I feel I was walking much easier and its been a year. great to hear all your comments, and good luck everyone, I aim to have a nice dressy sandal on for next summer, the surgeon claims he can make my foot as perfect as my right one, so here is hoping or hopping as the case may be. keep the postings coming folks keeps us all going.

  58. Sue Says:

    Susan, have you considered using a knee scooter? I used one for bunion surgeries on both my feet, and I don’t know how I would have managed without. Of course, you can’t navigate stairs with a knee scooter, but then I wouldn’t have been able to do so with crutches either.

  59. Cindy Says:

    I HIGHLY recommend the knee walker as oppossed to crutches. I can sail around the house on it and all I did was fall on the crutches and get some nasty bruises. You can get one on amazon as cheap as 250 if your ins. won’t pay for one as mine did. If you have lots of surgeries as I just had neuroma surgery yesterday as a result of my bunion surgery, they pay for themselves 10 times over. Please check it out. It has been a lifesaver for me.

  60. Ellen Says:

    Sue-I just saw your comment. (There seem to be large time gaps on this site.) I would say that I was just getting back to normal on my first foot by the time I had my second surgery, five months later. I could walk a couple miles without aching, and the flexibility and numbness etc. were almost normal. I could even get back into many of my old shoes, ‘tho none with heels. The toe that had the hammertoe surgery still feels odd and probably will forever as it is fused. The scar tissue is still VERY sensitive, and now I have both feet to deal with. Even the shower water hurts! My doctor only told me to stretch my big toe up and apply moisturizers to my feet. What kind of massage were you told to do for the scarring? Hope your foot is feeling better!

  61. admin Says:

    I definately agree with Sue postings from others are helpful as it lets you see it is normal for some swelling discomfort but totally agree each of us have different pain levels, healing times, see your GP is not happy. I am just about to go back for my 3rd op on left foot, first bunion removal Nov 09 second correction feb 10 and this is to correct hammer toes and straighten big toe again, all will be pinned and crutches this time. I dont know how I will manage as I dont have good balance so will be a laugh trying to manage to crutches. 6 weeks with pins this time, crutches, any tips on using them folks? I still think it was the best decision to get the op even tho I needed 2 more to sort the damage a bunion had done over the 18yrs should have been brave and went sooner. hope all goes well with others. crutches tips please. susan

  62. Sue Says:

    Patrice, my suggestion would be to contact your surgeon and not rely on the advice of lay people, especially on a message board where the comments and replies are often not published for weeks at a time.

  63. Mindy R Says:


    I agree with Sue. It is nice to have this as a way to see if other people are experiencing the same things you are but definitely consult your doctor if you have any concerns at all. There are many types of bunion surgery and people have different recovery experiences. I am on my second surgery(second foot). I still have a little discomfort/pain on my left foot now and then. Had surgery on that foot in April and now using it entirely to get myself around because I am on crutches for having my right foot done in October. For myself I am just starting to notice that I have more range of motion in my toe on the right foot six months later. My doctor did give me exercises to do for the toes. Stretching bending and pulling. Definitely see your doctor and find out what she/he suggests.

  64. Patrice Says:

    Hello all my name is Patrice I am 3 months post op from bunion surgery and my foot is still sore under the area where the bunion was and my big toe does not bend under like it used to. Any suggestions?

  65. Maddie Says:

    Im thinking about getting a bunion surgery soon and want to get input from those who have only had one done. im am only 12 and am serous about this. my dad has them to. please write back!!!!

  66. sue Says:

    Ellen – it’s good to talk with someone who had the procedure on the same day (sept 14th). Thanks for telling me about the numbness. I just had the pin removed this morning and it was nothing compared to the removal of the stitches. The surgeon gave me the go ahead to walk without crutches, which I’m thrilled about. It was great because they had a really experienced physio. there at the hospital explaining all the exercises that need to be done. Also massaging the scars is important. It’s really painful to do this at this stage (6 weeks) but I know it will get easier with time. I wanted to ask you, regarding your 1st procedure in April, were you able to do all the activities as well as you did before the surgery?
    Best wishes. Sue

  67. Ellen Says:

    Sue – I also had bunion/hammertoe surgery on Sept. 14th. The pin was removed at week 5 and now I’m walking without crutches. I’ll be allowed to wear sneakers in a week or two. I had the same surgery in April on my other foot. The numbness in the big toe wears away slowly. The bottom of the toe feels normal, but even now, at 6 months, there is some numbness on the top. But really not that bad. The big toe doesn’t bend completely, but since my second toe (which had the hammertoe surgery) is fused and will never bend at all, I am less concerned about my big toe’s relative inflexibility. Good luck!

  68. Mindy R Says:

    Hi Julie,

    I had to have both feet done as well. I had the first one done in April. I am very active and my doctor didn’t want to do both feet at the same time. She told me I needed one good leg to stand on. I am grateful that she did! It’s hard enough to get around on crutches, I can’t imagine how it would be if bothe feet were hurting. You will find that there are many types of bunionectomy and each has a different recovery time. My first surgery was April 20 and I was on crutches for about 8 weeks. I had to wear an orthopeadic shoe for 12 and have been in sneakers since. I am allowed to wear regular shoes but had to have my second foot done which was October 12 so it just seemed better to keep comfy for a bit. I completed a marathon in September and had a bit of discomfort but no real pain from the race. Most importatnly I would say do what your doctor says and if you have any concerns call your doctor. Mine is great and never minds taking a few minutes to call me back or have me come in if I have concerns. Best of luck to you.

  69. Cindy Says:

    I am sorry to say I have something negative to report. I had a bunion removed from my left foot 12/31/09 and had a great recovery. After 8 months, I suddenly had a very painful issue of feeling like I was walking on a marble. After going back to my original surgeon, he was clueless. I went to another very highly respected ortho surg. in a large city close to me and he said I had developed a neuroma on both sides of my third toe. The probable cause was the fact that the osteotomy (bunion surgery) caused my already short first metatarsel to become even shorter yet, therefore putting way too much pressure on my second and third metatarsel area. I am in much worse shape than when I started to say the least. Now I am facing more surgery to remove the neuromas which is a tricky surgery and facing more time off work. I feel like Nikki says, this really changes the natural mechanics of your feet. You better be very sure to get ALL the facts from a 1rst rate surgeon before you have any surgery done. If I had it to do over, I would have left everything the way it was. I will not have my other foot done now as I am afraid of ending up in the same mess. Like my new surgeon said, your toes have been growing crooked for 52 years now. It is very hard to change all that and try to correct it in middle-age. Maybe when you are young it would go better. If you read up on Mortons neuroma, there is a relationship. Live and learn I guess.

  70. Niki Says:

    Kristina- I’m 6 mos post op. Unlike you, I was off the foot on crutches for 4 weeks, and in a walking cast for another 4. My biggest issue is how much the biomechanics of my foot has changed. My toe does not bend all the way like it used to, either, and if I force it, there’s some minor pain. I also get a ‘tired foot’ if I’m standing for long periods of time- which is daily, I’m a teacher and I coach Volleyball after school – I barely sit during the week!

    Because of the lessened bending, I have a tendency to have more weight on the outside of my left foot, which I think is irritating my outer joint (bunionette?) It was worse in the summer (I could only wear flip flops because of the outside foot pain) It is getting better now. I have managed to get my foot into a ski boot in anticipation of skiing this winter, but it was tough getting it to bend firther. I’m going to call the doc for a check-up just to see if I’m where I should be, but what you are experiencing sounds normal.

  71. julie Says:

    hi im having a bunionectomy friday (oct.22) and am wondering what to expect. both my feet have bunions that hurt but they will do 1 at a time can anyone tell mr theie experience? julie

  72. ruth Says:

    hi had my op 5 weeks ago been in a lot of pain,mainly stabbing pain,had an intence prickling sensation near the base of my big toe .Ive been told by the dr to do exersises forcing the big toe back then forward.I have a perminent wire in the joint.The op was to shorten the bone to the big toe,I had not got a bunion,but with the bone being so long it caused a lump on the top of the joint,which was also removed.I am wearing a sneeker with not much swelling,most of the pain is when I rest and get into bed.I have not had much sleep with the stabbing,cramping and burning sensation,just wadering wether anyone else is experiencing the same.THe dr has also told me to masage the scar to stop it sticking to the bone.

  73. susan Says:

    My bunion surgery went wrong as one of the pins moved, I had corrective surgery in Feb and my big toe is pinned and does not bend, so I have problems getting up and down from kneeling position and again can not go on tip toes, I am back for surgery in December, surgeon is going to remove the pin in big toe, and put wire in for 6 weeks, along with my two smaller toes to straighten them and hopefully after this my 3rd op all will be well, I am very nervous abou this procedure, anyone else had the pins sticking out the end of the toes, I was in cast for 5 months in total between Nov and Feb and will have to be on crutches this time with no weight bearing, this will drive me mad as las time at least I could heel walk in the surgical boot. any suggestions how to manage crutches anyone.

  74. Mindy R Says:

    I had my surgery crecentric ostetomy on April 20. My doctor gave me the all clear to do anything I like over a month ago. Everything has been great (I’ve even been running) until about 2 weeks ago. The incision on top of my foot is so tender now that water falling from the shower onto it hurts. I’ve been wearing the same sneakers since the surgery but have just realized that washing them a couple of weeks ago may have caused the tounge to shrink and might be the reason for this problem. Has anyone else noticed such tenderness so long after their surgery? I go back to my doctor in a couple of weeks to have the other one done and am hoping this will resolve itself (with a new pair of shoes)before I wind up on crutches again.

  75. sue Says:

    I had bunion/hammertoe surgery Sept 14th and all has gone smoothly so far. The stitches were removed in 2 weeks and the pin will be removed in 6. I used 2 crutches until week 4 and now use 1 crutch and walk on my heel. This is great as it frees up my hand for carrying things. I elevate my foot most the day and there is not much swelling or pain. My only concern is that my big toe is numb.

  76. susan Says:

    Hi Debbie
    if it hasnt fused then you may require corrective surgery which I have had, I am back for another op in two months my third, so hopefully this will sort the problems, icing is just to reduce the swelling, it would not have affected the fusion. Normally takes about 6 weeks I was told in plaster, but then it depends on what surgery has been done. good luck if you need anything further done, keep us posted with progress. regards susan

  77. kristina Says:

    Had Chevron Osteotomy on left foot 5 months ago. Was on my foot the very day I came back from surgery one minute every half hour. Was in a sneaker within two weeks. Been running and back to all regular activity at this point. So happy there is no longer any pain on that foot, other one is still painful in any shoe that is not very soft and wide. Only complaint about left foot is that my toe does not bend as it used to, hard to go up on tippy toe. I did the therapy as recommended, but I think this will be the way the toe will be from now on. Any one else experience this?

  78. Mindy R Says:

    Had Crecentric Osteotomy on my left foot April 20, 2010. My Foot is doing well. I ran/walked a marathon a couple of weeks ago. No time to train so it was a 6.5 hour marathon for me. That’s a long time to be on your feet when your comletely healthy not to mention a few months after surgery. My foot actually felt better throught the whole thing than my knees did. I am having some slight pain/discomfort in the area where the surgery was done for the first time this past week. Hoping it’s just from overdoing it a bit. Tomorrow morning I go in to have the right foot done. Same exact procedure. I’m a little concerned about having to use my recently healed foot to do all the work for the next two months but am ready to get this over with. The last surgery went well and the pain meds did their job. I hope this one goes as smoothly. By the way for those of you wearing heels. My doctor said I could do anything I want but I have been to chicken to try heels yet. Have been in sneakers the whole time and still have discomfort on the ball of my foot so can’t I can’t imagine wearing heels. I’m erring on the side of safety and have decided no heels until one year after my final surgery. How long did you wait and how are you doing in the heels? I decided one year without cute shoes won’t kill me. After that I’m going SHOE SHOPPING!

  79. Debbie Says:

    I had my surgery on July 26th. Thr big toe with bunion & 2nd toe hammertoe.I had metal plates put in both toes. Sent home with crutches in a hard cast. Back to the podiatrist 3 weeks later..cast taken off put into a walking air cast. I was never told to ice it. I just went back three weeks later & I was told the metal plates weren’t fusing to the bone. Maybe I did too much? Could I be headed for problems? Any advice?

  80. Cindy F Says:

    Well I had my follow-up visit today with the Dr. concerning the pain I am having in the metatarsel area of my foot. I am having severe pain around the 3rd toe all the way back to the middle of my foot on the bottom and it feels like I am walking on a marble. The Dr. really didn’t have any answers and said that it is totally unrelated to my bunion surgery. He said the MRI looked fine and that the only thing he could see is that the joint of my first metatarsel or big toe is much lower than the 2nd, 3rd and 4th, putting a lot a pressure on my third toe area. This is just the genetic make-up of my foot. I can’t understand though why all of a sudden? He gave me a shot of cortizone and we shall see from here. Any shoes other than my tennis shoes with orthotics are very painful. I am so sick about this and very discouraged. The pain is much worse than I had when I had the bunion. Of course any shoe with a heel is putting more pressure yet on that area.

  81. Mindy R Says:

    Cindy F. It sound like we are having similiar issues. I am 42, my doctor allowed me to wear tennis shoes at 10 weeks (cautiously). Even with the sneakers on I had this “marble” feeling in my shoe. Sorta under the ball of the foot but closer to the first and second toe. My doctor reccommended getting gel insoles so I did but they didn’t really bring much relief. Over time this has improved and as long as I am in sneakers I don’t have any pain. About 3 weeks ago she released to do whatever I would like. (I’m a runner)I ran the first time two nights ago. The first couple of blocks were uncomfortable but after that it felt fine. I only ran about half a mile. Thinking that if I could run I could also wear my old shoes I gave them a try. BIG MISTAKE! The flat shoes I wore before are probabaly worse than walking barefoot on concrete. Afer about 5 minutes at home I swithced back to my sneakers. The bottom of my foot hurt and it also rubbed the scar which is still tender. I’m very interested in finding out what your doctor says about the marble feeling as this is how I feel whith the flats on. I have also noticed that the outside of my foot is tender. Maybe I am using it too much since so much of the inside of my foot is now gone? I’m not sure. In the past I have had terrible foot cramps and was happy that since the surgery I had none but the cramps returned again a couple of days ago too. Not as severe as they had been before but they are definitely coming back. Please post when you have any news abou this too. I want to know what to do about this. I thought the surgery had taken care of this pain as well. Wishing you the best.

  82. Cindy F Says:

    Hello Cindy – I had surgery Nov 2009 and corrective surgery feb 2010 so should be completely healed. My surgeon told me I could wear any type shoe within reason and only restiction was not to wear flip flops. I have a problem with pain when I go from wearing my flats which have orthotics to wearing a EEE fitting 1 inch heal shoe for a day. while wearing them there is little pain but the next day it is so painful and also a pain in the pad again like yourself I can feel everything it is like walking on stones. I understand it can take well over a year before all the internal healing is done so each time you wear anything other than a flat it will push the weight onto the area where you had surgery. I also had thickened skin on the pad of my foot pre surgery it was really painful, post surgery it just fell away leaving a nice smooth pad, however, I notice it has started to form again, but I have to have more surgery as my big toe has drifted across and my second toe is now a hammer toe which has to be corrected with wires sticking out the toes this time. Let me know what the Doc says, be interested to know if it is the same as me and just still healing. regards susan

  83. Mindy R Says:

    Had surgery 17 days ago with no screws needed on my left toe but hope to get the stitches out this week as it was still rather red last week but I still have pain when I walk with any shoe on, less with the open post op. shoe he gave me. Toe is still very stiff and hopefully it will ease up as I use it more. My problem hopefully will be solved as I have had it with off and on pain walking for 13 years and have always avoided even the thought of surgery. It just was so bad and as far as the toe pain but it was hardly crooked and did not need to be straightened.

  84. Cindy F Says:

    I am in my 7th month post op and I had a remarkable recovery at the age of 52. My Dr. released me 10 weeks and said I could wear any shoe within reason that was comfortable. I had physical therapy twice and seemed to have a wonderful healing. One thing I noticed was that my metatarsal pad was still very tender in regular shoes (non-tennis shoes). Well last weekend after wearing a very low wedge type heel with open toe sandals for about 5 hours, then the next day doing a lot of walking on concrete in flat sandals, something HORRIBLE has happened to my foot right behind the 2nd and mostly 3rd toes and metatarsal pad. The pain is so intense in even hurts with my orthotics in my tennis shoes which I still have to wear because I haven’t had my other foot done yet. Has anybody ever experienced this? I am paniced to say the least as everything was going so well. It looks great and I have had no problems up until now. I am going to have to try and see the Dr. asap but just wondered if anyone had any input? Feels like I am walking on a marble and also I have started to have really bad cramps in my foot at night while sleeping. Anybody experienced that?

  85. Kim D. Says:

    I had my surgery on August 3. My doctor said after 3 days I was allowed to walk on my heel (which is very hard to do – for me anyways) along with crutches. Last week (August 10), my doctor already removed my pins, but the stitches are still there. I am getting those removed next week. I noticed a “popping feeling” where the joint of my big toe is when slight pressure is applied. I read all your blogs and was wondering if anyone else experienced this same thing. I called my doctor and they told me to just stay off of it! Other than that, I have no pain and swelling is minimal. Thanks!

  86. egreenstar21 Says:

    I had my bunion surgery on June 29, and I can already walk but not for too long because my foot gets tired and a bit sore. I do my foot exercises religiously. I can bend my toe forward pretty well, but bending it backwards is still a struggle and I can’t grasp anything with my toe. I am concerned though that I have a gap between my toe and the other toes. My doctor said to wear my splint at night to keep the big toe from returning back to how it was. Is it normal to have a gap and for how long? Will it go back to normal because it looks strange. I’m thinking that I shouldn’t wear my splint because I feel that it’s making my big toe stray away from the other toes. Any idea?

  87. Mindy R Says:

    I had my final post op visit with my doctor today. IT’s been 14 weeks since my crecentric ostetomy. Other than not having as much motion as she thought I should (I confessed after she said this that I haven’t been doing my stretches)everything is great. I have been released to do everything I would normally do. I’m going running tomorrow! Just the treadmill to start but I can hardly wait. My foot doesn’t hurt, hasn’t been sweeling up and looks great. I have a little tenderness at the upper part of the incision site. (this was the last part of the incision to heal) but otherwise it is great. Planning on doing the other foot in October after my vacation.

  88. qiana Says:

    I had bunion surgery on July 14. During my follow-up appointment my dr replaced the soft cast and told me I could walk around wearing a flip flop. Unfortunatly I couldn’t get my foot into the flip flop due to my ace bandages but I am able to walk around the house barefoot. Alittle concerned since I read all the post and people mentioned having to wear a surgical boot. I did get a soft boot from a friend to wear when I leave the house and I can drive.

  89. Hughie Says:

    I’m 8 weeks post-op from bilateral bunion surgery (2 pins in each foot). At 6 weeks the nurse removed the pins, which one of them was harder and painful to remove. I though I was going to faint.:-( The doctor put back an elastic bandage and said not to go in water for another 4 days for one of foot to ensure the healing was good. He said that physio therapy was not needed and said the best exercise is to walk in the sand at 8 weeks. The night of pin removal, I was in pain not really because of the pin removal but because the bandage was too tight.

    I purchased a pair of sandals Clark Unstructued (Un.Hoist model) with adjustable laces so it could fit over the bandages. They are great! There has been gradual improvement in my walk for the past two weeks. I am still limping a little and slower to walk and I am still slower to go down the stair.
    At 7 weeks, I started some swimming in my salt water pool. That was great to get rid of the dead skin and incision residual. Now at 8 weeks I tried walking in the sand at the beach yesterday but it was still too difficult. My feet look great now but my big toes are still numb. I still have to rest after a couple of hours on my feet. Do you think that walking is enough exercise or should I do special stretching exercise for my feet?

  90. Niki Says:

    Had an osteotomy done April 9th. The foot looks good. Scar has healed nicely. My only problem is that I am experiencing a lot of pain in my bunionette of the same foot. It didn’t give me problems before the surgery, but it certainly is now. I can’t be on my feet for too long before it gets really sore. I think that my foot pattern has changed a bit since my surgery- and I must be leaning heavily on the outside of my foot. I try and reposition my foot so that I am rolling off of the proper place, but the big toe is still stiff (though more mobile every day). I am hoping that as I continue to walk, it will sort itself out, because the bunionette REALLY hurts. It feels as if I am walking on a marble. Sneakers don’t really help. The only thing that really works are those Teva Mush flip-flops. Horrible for the rest of the foot, but makes the bunionette feel better. I think I should call the Doc back to consult, as I am going to Disney World in a month and want to be able to walk properly!

  91. sue collins Says:

    I have now had both big toes fused and bunions removed. The last surgery on May 21 was on my left foot and less extensive than the previous surgery on my right foot in October of last year.

    This latest surgery involved the fusion and also the shaving of a tailor’s bunion. I’m doing remarkably well. My big toe is not perfectly straight; it does touch the next toe a bit. But I have a feeling that is not uncommon, and I can most definitely live with it.

  92. Ellen Says:

    Althea — you don’t mention your type of surgery, but it seems awfully long to still be in a surgical shoe and to have such pain.

    I had my surgery on 4/6 for a severe bunion and a hammer toe. At 7 weeks I could wear sneakers. I always bought sneakers a size too big and too wide, to accommodate my bunion. So despite my left foot being swollen, my old sneakers fit fine!
    Laura M. — I was dreading removing the pin from my hammer toe, especially when the doctor appeared with a pair of pliers. But it absolutely didn’t hurt — just a slight pressure. And what a relief to get that pin out. It seemed so creepy sticking out of my toe and I was worried someone would bump into it. Also, once the pin was removed I could get my foot wet which made showering so much easier.
    At 12 weeks, I could wear any shoe that was comfortable. But I find the scars where the incisions were and the skin on top of my foot are so sensitive, that it’s uncomfortable wearing any shoes without socks. Don’t know how to toughen it up. Any suggestions?

    Same procedures for my other foot are scheduled for September — I know my results were great, but I dread going through it all again. Hopefully, by next summer both feet will be fully functioning and I can buy some cute shoes.

  93. Jasmin Says:

    Althea – it’s very concerning to hear that after 7 months your incisions have not healed yet. My incisions healed around 4 – 5th week after surgery. Although scars are purple in colour it has healed quite nicely, eventually the purple colour will disappear I hope. I am rubbing in Vitamen E cream daily which helps with improperly the scar but you can only do this when wound has healed. Have you spoken to your Doctor? Wounds should not take that long to heal. It’s disappointing to hear you have more pain too. I do hope things improve for you real soon. Do you still have swelling ?

  94. Jasmin Says:

    Laura M – I really hope you don’t have to have another operation on your left foot. Yes at times you don’t know whether the amount of walking, toe exercises you are doing is beneficial or harmful. If you don’t flex your toes enough the stiffness will persist but over doing it is not good too. Next week will be my 8th week ( left bunion only ). Lucky my right bunion isn’t that bad so hopefully no surgery required. My doc also told me that swelling can last 6 months and full recovery can take up to a year – that’s a long time. So we still have a long way to go. Good luck with your right foot. I would never have both feet done at the same time – one’s hard enough to cope with but having said that recovery period is so long it might be worth it? Doesn’t it cost more to have two operations?

  95. susan Says:

    hello Laura M – good to hear that someone else has their big toe drifting again, although not good for you. I require more surgery, and have already had corrective op. My big toe looked really straight after second op but it is now touching my second toe, it does not go across it anymore but should be straight. It appear she will have to break it again and put in pins which will protrude out of the tip of the toe. Not looking forward to that. Does anyone still get a lot of swelling in thier foot, mind looks really bad halfway through the day, it swells on the top from the toes upwards, really is uncomfortable. its been 8 months since the initial surgery. Big toe is still non flexible and its hard to get up from kneeling because the toe does not bend. comments anyone please – susan

  96. sue collins Says:

    This may go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway just in case: For those who had bunion surgery that involved toe fusion, do not do the exercises discussed in some of these posts without talking to your surgeon first.

  97. Jasmin Says:

    Mindy R – in regards to your concerns about the toe exercises, I thought I would share what my Doc has recommended me:

    1. Scrunch a towel under your toes – Lay a towel flat on the ground under your feet. Attempt to scrunch the towel with your toes. Repeat this movement 5 times 3 or 4 times a day.

    2. Loop a towel around your toes – Loop a towel under/around the base of your forefoot. Holding both ends of the towel in your hands, apply a gentle pull to scrunch toes back and then scrunch toes into towel. Repeat 5 times 3 or 4 times a day.

    3. Pick up a pen with your toes – Place a pen under your toes and attempt to pick it up. Repeat this movement 5 times 3 or 3 times a day.

    I’m on my 7th week post op and can just about pick up pens with toes – so happy as I too was worried about the stiffness in big toe. Still stiff but it’s all normal but it’s important to keep exercising. It is tiring though, my 4 other toes are getting sore.

    Swimming is also good – which in your previous comment you already do.

    Take care

  98. althea Says:

    Had surgery last year in Dec and yet today stil wearing the little black shoe has anyway else take this long for the incision to heal. Very concerned about how much longer will be and at this rate my foot pain is worse after the surgery than before

  99. Erin Says:

    12 weeks post-op this week. Dr cleared me for all activities. He’s been impressed with my lack of swelling. I’m still icing and elevating after exercising. I’m already training for the NYC Marathon using Jeff Galloway’s run-walk-run method.

  100. Mindy r Says:

    Erin that’s GREAT!

    I have an appointment wiht my doctor at the end of the month and am hoping to be released for normal activity then. Of course our normal and most other peoples vary widely. I am looking so forward to biking, running and dancing. Did you have any issues with joint mobility in your big toe? Were you doing excercises or bending them as instructed by the doctor, did he/she reccommend this? I’m a little concerned whether or not I am doing this right but the foot overall feels really good. Looks like I’m just a week or two behind you in recovery. Good luck in your race!

  101. Laura M Says:

    jasmin – was pleased to see your comment about having pins removed, I had first surgery November 09 second feb 10 and going for the third November 10 this will be pins in my big toe and two toes next to it because they are so curled up after 20 years suffering with a bunion and big toe which crossed my next toe. I am dreading getting the pins out, they will be sticking out the end of my toes yuk yuk so your comment that it does not hurt too much has helped. hopefully 3 ops later my foot will be better and the big toe straight. still have slight limp, still ln wide fit flat shoes and Ihave a wedding at the end of the month – help I need shoes. good luck all with the healing Susan

  102. Laura M Says:

    I am so glad to see some of these post. I had bunion surgery almost three months ago on April 22, 2010. I can wear tennis shoes now, and the swelling seems to get better the more I walk on it which I think is odd. I can walk up to 2 miles three times a week, but I am usually limping towards the end. I am still wearing my bunion wrap at night so that I can go almost all day with no pain. I can’t really do inclines, my left foot still doesn’t bend completely normal. I’m not sure if it ever will, I have a metal plate and 5 screws from my big toe to the toe beside it and it itches underneath after I walk from the friction of the shoes I think. I normally wear a size 11 and my tennis shoes are Nike size 12W so maybe I just need more time. My doctor also said 6 months for swelling to completely be gone and a year before completely being recovered that is why he is waiting until next year to do the right one. I go tomorrow to see if I have to have the left one operated on again because on my last visit he said I had ruptured a capsule in it which is making my toe kind of go back. I followed all of the directions and didn’t put any weight on it until he told me to, but he said it could have been either too early or it was just that severe it would have done it anyways. In my opinion it could have been both, because I was already going to the beach and trying to walk in the sand at 5 weeks post surgery which he told me I could walk on it by then but I may have just over done it. I am such an active person it has been killing me to limit myself hopefully the doctor will know what to suggest I really don’t want to be on crutches again for two weeks minimum which is what he has told me will have to happen if he has to cut it back open. Thanks for all the coments-Laura M.

  103. Mindy R Says:

    Now at 11 weeks post op. have been in sneakers for a week now. So happy to be walking “almost normal”. My foot swells up a little now and then but not too bad. I’m wearing New Balance 572 trail running shoes. Regular width but very loosley laced. I’m suppose to be stretching and bending the toe but am not sure if I am doing it right. It seems good though. Not having any pain but I’m still babying my foot, just in case. I see the doctor again at the end of the month. So far I am extremely pleased with my results and looking forward to getting the other one done and getting better so I can get back to my normal life.

  104. Jasmin Says:

    I’m on my 7th week post op left bunion and I am still not back at work. Although I finally found a comfortable wide fitting shoe, I’m cannot walk great distances and by the end of the day my foot and ankle are quite swollen. In the morning the swelling is not bad but my big toe still cannot touch the floor therefore I am still walking funny. I was told by Doc that swelling and stiffness may last for 6 months. For full recovery it may take up to a year! You can’t rush these things. Gotta keep at those toe exercises daily. ( still having got around to trying some swimming ).

    Andrea – so good to hear you are improving.
    Jayne – definitely recommend to have the other foot done in winter so you can hibernate in the cold weather.

  105. Andrea Says:

    I am soooo happy. I am now 11 weeks post op from bunionectomy with osteotomy surgery on both feet at the same time and am finally in shoes. I purchased New Balance 1012 running shoes 2E width. Extremely comfortable. They’re motion control, with cushioning, and big toe box. Roadrunner Shoe store have a 90 day return policy with receipt whether the shoes are worn, dirty, etc. You can exchange them for a different shoe within that time period if they hurt your feet for any reason. After 11 weeks of complete bedrest, i go back to wrk on the 21st. So happy…

  106. Jasmin Says:

    I posted a comment and it hasn’t appeared?? Just testing to see if this comment will be submitted..I and on my 6th week post op left scarf osteomony. Toe still stiff and wound healing nicely, scar doesn’t look too bad. Finally just got a pair of wide shoes to fit but still not walking properly or far. Going back to Doc for review on my 8th week.

  107. Jasmin Says:

    I had surgery on May 21, 2010. I had a rather severe bunion and 4 hammertoes that all required surgery. I had the procedure in the ambulatory part of a hospital on Long Island. I was anesthesized for the surgery which took about 2+ hours. I was in a non weight bearing cast for a full 6 weeks. I had some stitches that were disolvable (where the bunionectomy was) and some that needed to be removed in each of the toes and along the base of the four toes. I found the removal of the stitches to be painful, but perhaps it was because I took my first look at the foot and it was rather grotesque, at least to me. My doctor thought that it looked good. I am now in a weight bearing surgical boot for two weeks. I must admit that I can only walk with the support of a walker for about 5 minutes before my foot feels pressure and discomfort. I can’t imagine being able to get my foot in a sneaker in two weeks, but that was the plan when I left the doctor’s office three days ago. I haven’t been able to drive because it is my right foot and I can’t imagine that I will be driving any time soon. The process is a very slow process for someone like me who used to walk three to four miles a day before the surgery. I can’t wait to be able to get my foot wet – the first time I am allowed will be two days from now. I had a pin in for six weeks. That was removed a few days ago and the site has to heal before getting the foot wet.
    Right now the skin on the bottom of my foot is flaking off, perhaps because there has been so little blood circulation in that foot, which I have kept elevated for the last 6 weeks. Michelle, taking the pin out was much less painful than taking the stitches out.
    For those who are going through this it is helpful to read about the experiences of others. I found little pain the first three weeks and more discomfort as the foot is heeling.
    The computer and books and friends have helped passed the time, but being so inactive is very hard. I ordered a “Sit and Be Fit” video that I try to do every other day. At least I am exercising part of my body.
    Good luck with your healing everyone!

  108. Jayne Says:

    I’m 34 days post op – basically I have to say that besides the inconvenience of the first two weeks of not being able to bear weight – I feel good. I didn’t know about a knee walker – so I was hopping around with a pillow wedged into the side of a walker. I have a lot of energy – and I’m pretty active during – so again, lying around with my foot elevated for two weeks unbearable – so I did what I had to do to get around. Having a lot of friend and family support is a must.

    I went back to work on the 8 day, but I have a sitting job – so I sat with my foot up on a pillow and thanks to family and friends, who drove me to work, I did okay with that. My doctor was adamant about not keeping my foot down for more than 5 minutes at a time – I followed that rule like law.

    I just started doing toe exercises grabbing the toe at the joint and flexing up and down – that isn’t easy. I cannot do it that well. I tried to pick a pen with my toes – not happening.

    I have to get my other foot done – trying to figure out when – I think I’m heading towards after Christmas – maybe winter will not make me as energetic and able to take the downtime easier.

  109. Jasmin Says:

    Erin & Andrea, thank you for your feedback regarding the toe excercises. I feel more at ease knowing that what I am experiencing is normal. I was really not given a time frame from Doc on when I could perform excercise fully and was worried that the stiffness would set in. The stretchy elastic you both mentioned is worth trying. I was told to use a small towel which is very effective. I guess the main thing is perseverance !!

    Andrea – you will be happy to know that my swelling has decrease by itself but still only my two smallest toes can touch the floor in the morning when I get up. It has been recommended to try some coban wrap to help with the swelling. Although the swelling has decreased the real test is when I get into shoes and walk more. I haven’t being out of the house for 4 weeks only small trips to the chemist. Doc has given me another 2 weeks ( total of 6 weeks ) off work , so we will see how I go. I feel for you Andrea. I only got my left foot done and boy it was difficult. Couldn’t imagine doing 2 feet. When are you due to go back to work??

  110. Jasmin Says:

    I forgot to mention that Doc said swimming is another good excercise for the toes. Note – only after wounds have properly healed. I am not a fond lover of swimming but I think I might have to give it a go.

    Also acupuncture can help with the swelling. Has anyone tried acupuncture and how was the results?

  111. marionrodgers Says:

    My name is susan and it was myself who left you the comment. I also had toe separators in but they didnt work and when I took them out the toe just went back across. I am seeing the surgeon next wednesday to see if I have to have a 3rd Op. I dont think I will as I have just managed to start walking well now, still have some pain in y big toe, especially when driving.

    hope you continue to improve, and really it is early days for you. Took me from Nov until June to feel I was getting back to normal walking. keep me informed. susan

  112. marion rodgers Says:

    Got my sitches out yesterday and a new cast on it has to stay on for another 4 weeks not sure when I will be able to start driving again. Foot feels like after being on it for a bout 20 mins as if I have walked 20 miles

  113. Andrea Says:

    Sue, yes my mistake, I had my surgery April 21…hope everything makes more sense now, Sorry…haha

  114. Erin Says:

    Jasmine, those toe exercises were hard for me too. I couldn’t pick up the towel for a few days, but I kept at it. I also practiced crunching my toes as much as possible. I would do it with both feet so I could see how far my toes should be able to go by watching my healthy foot. That seemed to help a lot. My dr also gave me a piece of stretchy elastic from JoAnn Fabrics. I looped it around my big toe and gently pulled my toe towards my body. I would hold the band taunt and try and pull my toe away from my body. At first, my toe would shake with the effort and I would hardly be able to move it at all. Eventually, I got better. Good luck!

  115. Andrea Says:

    Hello…Today I am 9 weeks & 1 day post op and very frustrated. My doctor still has me wearing the toe seperators which are very uncomfortable but he wants the toes to heal correctly so they don’t move back into the original position.I am still heel weight bearing, in surgical sandal, ball of foot still a little swollen but much less now that I’ve been taking the aspirin daily(per doctor’s request).My toes still cannot touch the ground. I am mobile around the house by crawling and wheelchair. My knees are sore and ruff from crawling, my husband bought me kneepads but I told him to return them hoping that I will be walking soon (I’m Stubborn). From crawling I must say that my bicepts, forearms, tricepts, and hamstrings are very built now. I weighed 195 before my surgery and I am now 178. I thing it’s because I do not eat much during the day. My clothes fit real baggy. I think it’s because when I was working, my co-workers and I would get fast food daily for lunch. I will eat healthier when I return to work. It’s depressing here at home ALL day alone for 9 weeks, bedridden.I guess I could be worse off. I can say that my husband is a trooper. He works all day comes home and takes care of me and the family…Oh, I have been getting random spasms in my feet different times of the day and not everyday. Do you think its the healing process? I still have NOT had any pain since the surgery, just discomfort from swelling. I notice if I go out for like 3hrs. in the wheelchair of course, the blood starts rushing to my feet and when I get home my feet are sooo swollen and my toes look like little sausages haha…uuugggghhh, I guess I should feel blessed that I may be healing extremely slow but I heard worse stories in some posts and some ppl actually have to have the surgery again.Hope everyone is doing well..i really enjoy reading everyone’s post, very informative.. ??????

  116. Andrea Says:

    Jasmin, I am 9 weeks post op and there is no way I could pick anything up with my toes. I learned that everyone heals differently. My doctor wanted me in sneakers at 6 weeks post op. I looked for the widest shoe and they still didn’t fit so he told me to wait another 4 weeks. I do exercises daily with stretching band for my aching ancles and toe exercises for my big toes wiggling then back and forth using my fingers…hope this helps…a87;a87;

  117. Jasmin Says:

    Andrea – thank you for your advice. Intially for the swelling I was taking a prescription drug, Celebrex for a duration of 10 days and after that I was told to take a non-prescription drug Nurofen or Voltaren. Unfortunately I react to there anti-inflammotory drugs and therefore cannot take. I will have to ask Doc about taking aspirin. Let’s hope it is suitable for me as I really cannot walk due to the swelling. I was advised from the beginning that I will experience swelling and stiffness which may last 6 months to 1 year, so I have to be patient as it is only early days ( 22 days post-op ). Thanks for telling me about not walking barefooted – I have been doing that since I cannot not find shoes to fit and surgical boot too tiring to wear. I only walk small distances as you know how hard it is to walk on your heels and side of your foot. Let’s hope it hasn’t caused too much damage. Think I really need to quickly find a pair of shoes.
    Sounds like Andrea that you are really making progress, all the very best.

  118. Jasmin Says:

    Hi it’s Jasmin again – I forget to ask if anyone experienced problems with bending their toes. It’s 22 days post op ( Scarf osteotomy – 2 screws in left toe ). As I mentioned I have a lot of swelling still but I am supposed to be preforming toe exercises eg pick up a pen with your toes / Loop a towel under base of your forefoot, holding both ends of the towel apply a gentle pull to scrunch toes into towel. I cannot do any of these exercise as big toe too stiff and I cannot seem to bend it. Is this normal? I am worried that my big toe will not retain it’s flexibility. I can only bend my 4 small toes slightly but hardly any movement in big toe. Maybe once I have the inflammation under control it will improve.

  119. emily Says:

    I am 2 weeks post op, just had stitches removed today. Had metatarsel bone broken in two places and pinned. Swelling mild but in great pain. To all those post op, god bless, hope we all get well soon.

  120. Sue Says:

    Andrea, I’m confused by the dates you’ve mentioned. I took notice of your first post here because you said that you had your surgery on May 21 at Kaiser in San Diego, and I had had my surgery the same day at Kaiser Harbor City. But that post of yours was dated May 20, and in another posted that same day, you mention being four weeks post-op. Perhaps you meant to say that you had your surgery on April 21? Just curious.

  121. Hughie Says:

    Hi Andrea
    I looked at your blog and have the same scars, on the big toe and at the side, and second toe, but can I just say your feet looked not bad compaired to mine, it was only my left foot and my big toe went right across the second one, was much worse looking. My big toe still sits across but does not actually cross the toe,I am disapointed in how it looks. I go back tomorrow and see what he wants to do this time, yeh 3rd OP getting just a bit fed up of it all. I cant kneel down or I get a terrible pain in my hip and that makes me limp aagain so it must all be connected. Your feet look great now. keep in touch

  122. Hughie Says:

    It is now 3 weeks since my operation on both my feet. Doctor requested that I walk on my heal for 6 weeks and keep my feet elevated as much as possible. The doctor had requested that I bring a pair of sneakers, which they cut a piece so I could wear them when I left the hospital. After 2 weeks I got my stitches off and I will get my pins removed in another 3 weeks. I bought a post-op shoe sandal with velcro (Darco brand) which is not bad. I had my Xray last week and everything looked fine – that was a relief but I almost fainted when I saw the Xray…
    I am glad I did both feet at once. In fact, I did not even consider doing one at a time. It was painful the first week but I only needed Tylenol for the first 10 days and started working from home after 1 week.
    I did not want to look at my feet until the pins are out but the nurse says they are going to look great.

  123. Mindy R Says:

    8 weeks post op from crecentric ostetomy. Bone cut and metal plate with 4 screws installed. My foot is looking really good! I’m so happy with the outcome so far. The scar is going to be minimal and once completely healed I don’t think even noticable. I’ve been walking with the orthopeadic shoe which I am really tired of. My next apt. is in 2 weeks and I think I will be able to wear sneakers after that. The foot is feeling really good. Sometimes I think the only thing making me walk wierd is the shoe and it seems like I don’t even need it but after walking “normal, with the shoe on” for a while I will have a strong pain underneath on the ball of my foot right below the big toe. I guess that’s a reminder that it’s not completely healed. Still I am doing what the doctor says and the foot is looking and feeling great. Went swimming for the first time last week which was really nice. I’m excited about the way my “new foot” looks and feels. Planning on doing the right one in October.

  124. Andrea Says:

    Jasmin, I had bunionectomy on both feet as well as one tailors bunion, a hammertoe on baby toe, and 2 corns cut off. I also had problems with swelling on the balls of my feet that wouldn’t allow my toes to touch the ground. I was real concerned. At about 6 weeks post op my doctor told me to take 325mg. of aspirin a day for swelling and safety procautions for blood clots. After 3 days, my swelling went down significantly and my toes almost touch the groung. But please, do NOT take aspirin withput consulting your doctor first. I found a great sneaker that comes very wide. They are not the prettiest shoe but they are perfect for recovery with lots of cushion for your incisions, and has motion control. My doctor recommended them, but bulky looking. I say if it’s going to help with the recovery, get them. New Balance 1012 or 1023. We have a New Balance outlet store here in San Diego, and if you tell them your doctor recommended this shoe, they will give you 20% off. My doctor said use these shoes once I start walking and no other shoe. No flip flops, no walking barefoot, or I will have had the surgery for nothing because I wont heal correctly. Hope this helps.
    SUSAN:thank you for your support and quick responses to my questions. Hope you recovery quickly.Oh wait, you need a 3rd surgery right?? Hope it goes well and have a speedy and painless recovery.Go to my blog…
    * start here: andrea72-post-opbilateralbunionectomy.blogspot.com/

  125. Jasmin Says:

    I had a scarf osteotomy on left foot only on the 31st May. Two nights in hospital and total bed rest with feet elevated for the next 2 weeks. Felt no pain on 1st day as I had an ankle block which numbed the entire foot. The pain was bearable and I managed to stop taking pain killers after 5 days of the operation.
    I wasn’t allowed crutches and was suppose to walk weight bearing immediately after surgery which I found extremely difficult. For the 1st week and a half I was hopping to the bathroom. Bandages came off on the 10th day. I am now allowed to wet my foot and finally had a nice shower ( but still hard to shower properly as foot still tender and very swollen )..I don’t know how you others can get two feet done at the same time…one is hard enough for me…Good luck with everyone’s recovery.

  126. Jasmin Says:

    18 days post-op left foot only – still a lot of tightness and swelling. My toes still cannot touch the floor. I am supposed to be wearing shoes but can’t find a pair of shoes wide enough to fit. Also scarey trying shoes on as wound still tender. To make matters worst can’t walk properly ( not permitted to use crutches as Doc wants me walking )so difficult to going out shopping. Not allowed to drive until I can get into a pair of shoes!
    I did manage to buy a pair of sandals with detachable strap, not quite sure if they are really suitable but better than the surgical boot. Also it’s winter here in Australia so got to wear socks with sandals – not a great look but will do for now. I still have another 3 weeks off work so hopefully by then I can find a good wide fitting closed shoe.
    Definitely recommend having surgery done in the cooler season as it’s so nice being in bed tucked under a warm blanket. No way would I do it in Summer – the heat on top of all the discomfort would be too much to handle, also would be so depressing to not be able to go out to enjoy the sunny days.

    Take care everyone

  127. marionrodgers Says:

    Hi I had my surgery done on the 7/6/10 it was called wilsons procedure I think that was the name as it was call after the doc who invented it dos anyone know anymore about it


  128. Andrea Says:

    Thank you To whomever responded to my post (Andrea), you never left your name… I guess it could be worse. I haven’t had any pain what so ever since the surgery, just discomfort from swelling. I do need to think positive. I should have had the surgery in the winter when it rains. I think that I’m depressed because I’m in the house 27/7 and the weather is beautiful every day here In San Diego and I can hardly ever take my daughter out to enjoy it. My friend don’t call me or visit me. My husband helps me get out of the house every Saturday but just for a couple of hours because when I’m in the wheelchair too long, the blood rushes to my feet, they start swelling and I have to go home to elevate… UUgggghhh!!! I will be ok and thank you for your concern.I wish you a speedy recovery and painless.

  129. Andrea Says:

    By the way, I am now 7 1/2 weeks post op and my doctor still wants me to keep the toe seperators in…They are very uncomfortable…Has anyone else had to keep them in this long…When I take them out to bathe or relax, I notice that in as little as 15min. my toes start moving back together.. I totally understand now why he wants me to keep them in though!!

  130. Andrea adAndrea Says:

    I’m 6 1/2 weeks post-op from bilateral bunion surgery (2 screws in each big toe), tailors surgery, and hammer toe surgery(one screw) and I don’t understand how some ppl who have had the same surgery as i did (I had both feet at the same time) can walk already. At 4 weeks my doctor told me to walk around the house with surgical boot on or the recommended New Balance sneakers. Well, the shoes were one size bigger and size 2D width and still couldnt get them on. I went back at my 6 week check up and my xrays showed one of my screws slightly moved and since i’ve been walking heels and sides of my feet, the bones on the sides are stressed and he’s worried they might crack. Gr8, bedrest and still wheelchair bound for anothe 3 weeks…I baby’d my feet, i crawl around the house, i do my exercises, i ice and elevate all day since my surgery… I’m getting frustrated and depressed. I was told b4 the surgery it could take up to 3 weeks b4 I am able to go back to work, it just seems like i should be able to walk a little bit. Is there any1 else out there whose had both feet done at the same time having the same trouble????

  131. Andrea Says:

    Andrea – My heart went out to you when I read your post. I think you have to remember that we are all different and so some will heal quicker than others. I had only one foot done (the other one is fine) similiar to yourself, that was in November, by February I still was not walking and was in a surgical boot, and not allowed to put my foot down without the support of the boot. I had x rays to see why I had so much pain and 1 of the pins had moved so I had correction surgery in February, and back into a plaster cast for a further 6 weeks. I was off work for 5 months, 4 months before I could walk properly in a EE soft slipper, and 5 months before I got a EE shoe on. I have been back to work since April and still have some pain in my big toe (2 pins) and see the surgeon again next month as I have still a hammer toe to get corrected. I also have a sharp bit on the underside of my big toe which looks like a sharp tack in the x ray, they say it is called a spur, and needs removed.!!!! I would say that although you feel bad at the moment, and it feels like it will never get right, try to stay positive, as one of these days you will see that it is easier and as each good day passes it will become weeks and you will see a big difference. some people have been lucky walking or running so soon. I have just come back from holiday and walked for miles, with not too much problem, some swelling, but so much better than last year, so it is worth it just takes much longer for some people. take care and keep us posted how it is going.

  132. Erin Says:

    Went to the dr yesterday who suspects I had my foot wrapped too tightly at night and that’s what caused the achiness. He said my foot had such minimal swelling that I could start walking outside. I did 1/2 mile and wanted to do more. Figured I better take it easy the first time out.

  133. Erin Says:

    Mindy, great news on the swimming! I bought an aqua jogger and have been doing pool running in the deep end. I’ve also been riding the recumbent bike. Last night I woke up with my foot aching. I finally had to get up and get an ice pack. I think I may have overdone it on the biking. I hardly have any swelling though. I’m 6 weeks+ post surgery. I’m still hoping to run the NYC Marathon too. Keep posting, Mindy!

  134. susan Says:

    Hi everyone and Sue your comments were so right, we should all remember everyone has different procedures and unique feet so all will have different experiences. I write to say I have just returned from a weeks holiday where last year I could barely walk and ended up strapped up. This year, I walked my legs off, walked for up to 20 miles per day, was so surprised that I managed, but, I did it and it was great, yes there was some aches along the way but the difference post op, incredible and I know it will become easier. So while we have sat with plaster casts and pain and bored rigid, there is light at the end and everything is worth it. I have my walking back albeit slower but hey it just takes a bit longer so good luck to all.

  135. Joi Says:

    I had surgery 3/18/10 on both feet and one hammertoe. I was very good at taking it easy, icing, elevation, and using pain and swelling medicine. I keep telling myself to have patience. My big toe is straight, but my other toes stray off-that’s just the way of it -so I look like I have web feet. I can wear crocks – with socks. My feet still swell-but my walking is getting better and better everyday. Still icing and taking pain killers now and then. I can’t get into other shoes really yet and I have to practice walking up and down steps. Thank goodness for pain medicine. I believe I will be normal in another 3 months. Don’t overdo and take it easy on the journey. Glad I did both at one time!!!

  136. Mindy R Says:

    7 weeks post op from surgery on the left foot. Crecentric ostetomy for a moderate-severe bunion. Doctor cleared me to swim so off to the pool I went today. I did laps for 30 minutes just using my arms because I’m afraid I will get cramps in the foot, which usually happens to me. My foot is pretty swolen but the swimming was great adn the walking is getting more “normal”. Really hoping I will be able to do my marathon in September.

  137. Mark Says:

    hang in there Guys and Gals and in a month or so you you should be almost back to normal almost if not fully stay off them feet. as for me I already know what I will be doing soon having sandles on swimming,and barbequing and parting on the 4th of july.

  138. Patricia Says:

    Hello, I am 3 wks. post-op today from have bunionectomy on my left foot along with taylor’s bunion. not sure of the name of my condition but i had a triangle of bone taken out and repositioned with 3 screws. The first week I stayed medicated and walked only to the restroom. After 2 weeks the dr. took off my cast and no more crutches. I have a post op surgical shoe and cane. I must be lucky because I have been driving and shopping for short periods. I overdid it yesterday and today the foot is terribly swollen. I am now back on pain meds, icing and bedrest. Follow the dr’s orders.

  139. Mindy R Says:

    6 weeks post op and cleared to walk without crutches. yayyyy. walking is a little uncomfortable and I am REALLY SLOW but I think in a couple of days it will be better. Finally allowed to get my foot wet too. Lots of peeling but once it’s all cleared up it doesn’t look like I’m even going to have a scar. I couldn’t be happier. Definitely going to have the other one done at the end of the year. Can anyone that has had their right foot done tell me how long before you were able to drive?

  140. Ruth Says:

    Brian I had mine left foot done on the 21st April it went very well i am driving again already !! good luck

  141. Sue Says:

    It’s fascinating to read this thread, to say nothing of the fact that it gives me something to do while I lie here with my foot elevated. :-) I was pleased to see that one person (sig, I think) noted that there are so many different types of procedures that we have to be careful not to measure our own experience or progress by others.

    In that vein, I haven’t seen any posts about the fusion of the big toe in addition to bunionectomy. I don’t recall the technical name.

    I had this done on my right foot seven months ago, along with shortening my Morton’s, uncurling my fourth toe, and shaving my bunionette. So four of five toes were involved. All in all, it went well, and I was pretty much back to normal in three months.

    So I went back a week ago and had the same fusion/bunionectomy and bunionette shaving on my left foot. Again, I’m doing well, but bored out of my freakin’ mind.

    Until I can bear weight, I am using a knee walker/scooter, which is a lifesaver if you are not supposed to bear weight for several weeks. I’m also fortunate to have a husband who doesn’t complain too much about waiting on me, although I do try to manage some tasks myself.

    Just my opinion, but I think that anyone considering bilateral procedures should be very clear about what’s involved and not be swayed by others’ anecdotes. I cannot even begin to imagine undergoing that unless it was absolutely the only option available to me or if my condition was fairly mild and recovery was predicted to be quick. It’s a moot point for me because when I posed the question hypothetically to my surgeon, he looked at me as if I had two heads. :-)

  142. NicoleRL Says:

    I had a bunionectomy done May 24th, and kept off my feet for 3 days , elvated and iced it every hour, and i have very little swelling, I actually went to the store and walked a little bit, hope I am not overdoing it….my foot is bandaged and I wear the surgical boot when I get up, I stopped taking the vicodin because my foot really is not hurting… but I continue to ice it and elevate it even at night… cant wait to get these bandages off, they are getting annoying, and I can feel the stitches healing underneath, plus its been hot 85 degrees

  143. susan Says:

    Hi Gina
    I had the same op as you, on left foot, that was in Nov 09 – in Feb 10 I had corrective surgery as the pin was backing out as well, but they removed this pin and put a smaller one in. I had been in pain so bad they couldnt touch my big toe. corrective surgery stopped that pain but I have pain on the flat of my big toe, it appears I have what they call is a spur, and I am seeing the surgeon with a view to have this removed from the bone, its sore but when padded its fine.Re toes rubbing, my second and third toe are hammer toes I didnt get them corrected either time as I had a lot of other work done, but they rub and even when forced are not flat to the ground, painful with shoes on but I put on little wraps mainly used to cover corns but they help stop the rubbing. again surgeon wants to correct them but this means a break in each toe and wires protruding out of the tips and back into plaster cast for 6 weeks not sure I want to go through all that again. good luck when you see the doctor again, lets us know how it goes.

  144. Gina Says:

    Hi there,not sure if anyone can assist but thought I would ask as there seems to be quite alot of info here.
    I had a scarf osteotomity on my right foot in dec of last year.Immediately after the surgery there was a problem with bleeding although the dressing was changed and I was discharged with advice to return 14 days later to have the stitches removed.At the 10 day stage my foot was bleeding quite profusely so the stitches were removed and a new dressing applied.Later that day my foot started bleeding profusely again and I had to return to the hospital.At day 14 again more bleeding which subsequently led to further surgery.Surgeon said a small blood vessel was bleeding!I was xrayed 3mths after the surgery and all looked reasonably well.Now I am 7 mths post op and experiencing constant pain in my toe,all of my shoes rub especially where they did`nt rub before and my third toe is particuarly sore form the rubbing.Is this to be expected?My toe does not sit flat to the floor unless I force it,I do have full range of movement it just looks and feels a bit out of “place”I do still have quite a large gap between my big toe and second toe and am a little worried that it has been over corrected.I have made an apt to return to the surgeon but don`t want to be making a fuss if it is normal.Any advice would be very much appreciated.

  145. Rebecca Says:

    I had bunion surgery on both feet on February 19, 2010. About a month ago, I noticed a little bump on top of my left foot and my left big toe is still numb. Went to the doctor Tuesday and after xrays he told me the screw in my left foot is backing out and needs to be removed. Has anyone else had this problem?

  146. Mindy R Says:

    Erin–thanks for the post. I had my surgery 5 weeks ago. Still can’t get the foot wet until I see my doctor next Wednesday June 2. I’m hoping to get the good news you got and be able to swim and use a stationary bike. My foot has been very swolen since 2 days before my last appointment which was a week ago. She asked if I was doing too much but I’m really not doing a lot as far as I can tell. I drive to work, prop the foot up on a box drive to school then drive home. Getting in and out of the car has been the extent of my exercise with the exepetion of going to dinner 3 times in the past 5 weeks and to the supermarket twice where I used the motorized cart. It really doesn’t seem like a lot to me but the swelling continues. It goes down at night after being elevated and iced but doesn’t go all the way back to normal and before I finish dressing in the morning it’s nice and fat again. I really hope to get good news next Wednesday. I wanna ditch these stinkin’ crutches!

  147. Erin Says:

    I had my surgery one month ago. I went this morning for an appointment and was given clearance to get back into a sneaker and I can drive! My dr told me to continue to wear something for compression. He gave me a compression sock and some non-stick wrap. I can try both and see which I like. He said if there is swelling that that is the sign that I’m doing too much. At that point I should RICE. I was also given the okay to do light biking at the gym and swimming. I will do aqua jogging in the deep end since my goal is to be running by mid-July. I feel great, have both feet in sneakers and have my foot propped up now, just in case!

  148. ruth Says:

    Hi Ruth again 5 weeks ago I had my left bunion removed back to work tomorrow with a shoe size bigger than i normally wear so hey hoy it’s off to work I go !!!!

  149. susan Says:

    Andrea – I guess it depends on what type of surgery you had, did you also have a mortons nuroma? Pre op I had a 2 inch callus on the base just under my toes, it was so painful, post op and when the cast came off, it all started to come away, my foot swells all the time, and the ankle,have you tried ice packs and keep your foot up as much as you can even in bed put a pillow under the foot all night, it works. I also massage the whole foot and put foot cream on every night. I have orthotics in my shoe as well to lift the arch and help me walk and I see the surgeon tomorrow as I also still have two hammer toes which are so bent the tips touch my insole of the shoe before the ball of my foot if you can imagine what I mean. I just feel a bit down at the moment, I spent years crippling along in what were not high shoes but better than I can get into now, and I am going on holiday next week and no sandals or shoes to fit. aaaaah

  150. Niki Says:

    Not sure what the procedure was- maybe a wedge osteotomy? They cut out a triangle, folded the bone (like felling a tree) and then installed a plate along the break. He said that because it was technically a ‘break’, the bone would take 8 weeks to set and 12 to totally harden. I guess what determined my ability to bear weight was the fact that by being in the special aircast/walking boot, my foot is immobilized and can’t bend. Because the plate was there to help stabilize the bone, flat pressure with no bending is okay. He had originally told me that I was to be in a non-weight bearing cast for 8 weeks, but something in my X-Ray made him decide the alternative. I think being able to install the plate was a factor. If it were just screws, I think I would have been non weight bearing for much longer.

    Good luck with the kids! I got back to being a 6th grade teacher after 2 weeks (which, in hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have done- I was so tired!).

  151. susan Says:

    Andrea – I know exactly how you feel, you actually think your foot is really slim – until you try to get into shoes, I am now 6 months post surgery and still have difficulty getting shoes, I wear the same size but wide and only certain types fit, I currently wear a red lace up, looks great with Jeans but not able to wear a dress or skirt. and yes I still have swelling if I am walking more than normal I was told it takes up to a year for full recovery. I still have problems with pain in my big toe and if I try to walk fast limp, but I guess it is getting there, keep your chin up and try for shoes perhaps in another 6 wks.

  152. Andrea Says:

    thanks you Susan for your quick reply…i was also wondering why the balls of my feet are so swollen?? When I stand, my toes can’t even touch or reach the ground. Did you or anyone else have this problem???

  153. andrea Says:

    I am 4 1/2 weeks post-op. My feet have hardly been swollen the last 2 weeks. They were looking gr8…UNTIL, yesterday i went to a shoe store to look for some walking shoes my doctor recommended. He said to get New Balance 1012 shoes and get a HALF SIZE bigger. I tried them on, did not fit. I had the saleswoman get the WIDEST one and still didn’t fit. I am very discouraged and started to cry…My doc told me to start wearing the shoes 2 weeks ago in the house heel bearing and still be on bedrest for 2 more weeks. Has anyone else had that problem with shoes not fitting. Ok so then we go to a restaurant. By the time we were done with the day i had been out of the house 4hrs. I got home and my feet were more swollen than they had ever been. I guess sitting in the wheelchair all day made the blood rush to my feet. I will stay on bedrest like the doc said. I see now why he told me that. Andrea :)

  154. Niki Says:

    Nikki, well done, sounds like great progress. Do you know what your procedure was called? Sounds similar to mine ( bone cut & 2 screws) mine was a lapidus, however I have to be non weight beating for 6 weeks. I cannot wait to be able to walk even in a walking boot & I’m trying to work out how so many people are able to walk so soon after their op. It is really tough being non weight bearing – especially with 2 young kids. I would love to know what determines when you are able to put weight on the foot.

  155. Mark D Says:

    Isa how is the pain level?The swelling to the leg with a bunionectomy does not seem good depending on all that was done of course,constant pain warmth redness and overswelling along with fluid seeping out is an indicator of infection and should be treateed,I have scaring problems so its imperatve tom me to follow the doctors instructions to the Letter.

  156. Kathy Says:

    I had a bunions removed on my left foot on 19 May 2010. My doctor told me prior to the surgery to expect to be on crutches for the first week, then I would come into his office have the bandages replaced, and I would only be allowed to walk on the heel for the next week. Then on the next apt. he would removed the stitches. I’m in the military and was given 3 weeks off from work. My brother is a civilian and took off 6 weeks. I’m scared. I’ve had 2 children, but this is like no pain I’ve experienced and percocet only helps if I take benedryl with it. I can’t see being able to walk without crutches in 4 days from now, but we will see!

  157. Niki Says:

    Post Op- week 6. 4th week in the walking boot, 3rd week of that without crutches. The foot looks great! Very straight. I had a little issue with the removal of the surgical tape – when it came off, there was a tiny chunk of dried blood that pulled up and left an open spot (About 1 cm long). Tried bandaging it with neosporin, but it wouldn’t close. Saw the Doc, and he checked it out- apparently some of the dissolveable stitches were really close to the surface and not dissolving properly. He snipped the ends out of the opening, and it has closed. It’s still a little red, but not oozing anymore!

    Walking around is slow, but relatively pain free. I can even hobble a bit without the boot as long as I don’t bend anything. It makes for a strange hop-slide-shuffle. Swelling is definitely still there, as is some bruising. I’m getting the feeling of wanting to walk on it regularly, but since they had to cut the bone and install hardware (2 screws and a plate), I’m not going to chance it! I’m in the boot until the middle of June, and hopefully the swelling will go down enough so that I can fit it back into my sneakers. Feeling good!

  158. Andrea Says:

    I had my bilateral bunionectomy, tailors bunion, hammertoe surgery, plus two corns removed May 21, 2010, both feet done at the same time. I requested general anesthesia because the thought of hearing what was going on around me frightened me and the thought of it made me sick. My doctor was ok with my decision. I stayed in the hospital for a few hours after surgery then was sent home. The orthopedic surgeon ( DPM Tony Nguyen Kaiser Permanente San Diego, CA)(I also recommend to have your surgery done by an orthopedic surgeon, not a podiatrist) gave me a nerve block and my foot was totally numb for almost three days. I started taking Vicodin just in case there would be pain after in nerve block wore off but I had little if any pain. I did take 2 vicodins at night, not for pain but just so i could relax. I did however have swelling and the bandages were super tight and extremely uncomfortable. I kept my feet elevated even at night 30 minutes on 30 minutes off for the first week. The swelling went down substantially. I still continue to keep it easy and constantly elevate and ice my feet. I don’t ice my feet as much as I did in the beginning. Since I had a bilateral bunionectomy there was no possible way to use crutches. How could I use them when I had both feet worked on. My husband stayed home with me the first week. He’d help me to the restroom but that was very uncomfortable for me. I remembered that I had rented a wheelchair so I had to figure out an easy way to get into it. Make sure that anytime you get up you must have your surgical sandals/shoes on at ALL times. I’m camping out downstairs on a full size air mattress. I would scoot off the bed, scooting to the couch, then while having my back towards the couch I would pull myself up using my arms and heels of my feet. I would then have the wheelchair kinda sideways close to me and once again using my arms would slide my butt onto the chair. I would then roll myself in the chair to the restroom as close to the doorway as I could, take 2 steps on my heels and plopped myself onto the toilet. The hardest part was getting back up. MAKE SURE THE WHEELCHAIR WHEELS ARE ALWAYS LOCKED WHEN GETTING ON AND OFF. Getting to the bathtub upstairs wasn’t that difficult. I would get onto the wheelchair as I said before and roll myself to the bottom of the stairs. I would slide off the chair using my arms again. I would have just crawled up forward but was scared to fall backwards so I went up backwards crab-style once again using my arms and heels. Once at the top, I’d scoot myself backwards into the restroom up to the tub, using my arms and heels pulled myself into the bathtub. I’d get undressed in the bathtub, keeping my feet hanging out so they wouldn’t get wet. Thank goodness I have a detachable showerhead that allowed me to bathe myself. I would recommend to listen to the doctor when he/she tells you to keep it easy. I am a neat freak and kind of anal when it comes to my home. I’d look around and look at the mess my husband and kids would make. It drives me crazy, but I have to deal with it because my feet are extremely important to me and want a quick recovery with no complications. One week post-op I had my bandages changed. It felt so good to have them off because they were so tight. The doctor said he put them on tight to help swelling and healing. He cleaned the wounds and re-wrapped them tight again. Just to let you know, I did almost faint when they started taking the bandages off and cleaned th wounds, just because I didn’t know what to expect. 15 days post-op I had all stitches removed. I once again got clammy, sweaty, and felt like I was going to faint. The baby toes hurt the worst. My two bunions and tailors bunion didn’t hurt as much. For those he cut the ends of the stitches off first, then sprayed them with some cold stuff and it burned a little, then he just ripped all of them out. It was painless but scared the heck out of me. I am now 3 weeks and 2 days. He recommended that I purchase New Balance shoes models 1011 or 1123. He wants me to start walking in them around the house so my feet can get used to them but I’m not ready yet. I just got my stitches removed a week ago and still have scabs. I can walk a little here and there, in the house of course with my surgical sandals. I walked to the car in the garage, holding on to things and on my heels. My mom drove me to Walmart and Costco. She pulls right up to the curb in front of the stores and brings me an electric wheelchair from the store. My feet did start throbbing because the blood was rushing to my feet. I got home after 3 hours elevated them and iced them. I feel much better. I go back for a check-up in 2 weeks. For you ladies out there, I would DEFINITELY recommend you schedule your surgery a few days after your last day of your menstrual period.I will keep you posted… check out my BLOG and PICTURES http://andrea72-post-opbilateralbunionectomy.blogspot.com/

  159. isa Says:

    I had my bunion surgery on right leg 11 days ago and my left leg is swollen, is that normal??!! My right leg is fine, no swelling, nothing.

  160. susan Says:

    Hi Laura – thanks for the response. I already have two pins in my big toe, and have had corrective surgery already.First surgery November 09 second Feb 2010. I am just beginning to walk easier now and notice I have less pain but the big toe is always uncomfortable. It is a disappointment that cosmetically it does not look straight, and people say no one will notice but I do. I expected to get into nice little sandals for the summer, not even with a heel, but my foot is still wider than I expected and I dont want to risk wearing anything tight at this point. I am pleased with the fact I do not have the pain post op as I could hardly walk without it feeling like I was walking on sharp stones all the time. seeing the orthotic specialist on Tuesday so will update.
    thanks again for your update.

  161. Mindy R Says:

    It’s been 4 weeks since my crecentric osteomy on my left foot. Had my doctors visit yesterday and although the foot is more swolen in the past 3 days than it has been the entire time she says this is normal and may continue up to 6 months. I don’t feel like I’m really doing too much but I have had it down a lot more than in the first few weeks. The steri strips were removed on this visit and the foot was wrapped in gauze and taped again but each time it is rewrapped the bandage gets smaller. That’s encouraging. Doc says two more weeks till I can get it wet and I can walk on the heel with crutches. She actually told me that 2 weeks ago but I’m so afraid I’m going to mess it up and so much slower when I use the heel that I haven’t been using it at all. Looking forward to biking and swimming. Hopefully soon.

  162. andrea Says:

    I can understand if your foot, ankle, or calf might be swollen, but your leg??? Just to be on the safe side I’d call my doctor. Make sure you keep off your feet, take it east, sleep/rest all day, and most importantly ELEVATE your feet as much as you can and ICE your feet. I apply big bags of frozen peas to my ankles. I am 4 weeks post op and I’m still doing this.

  163. Mark D Says:

    well I am on week two doing the exercise big toe joint thing,yes I was told by my doctor the swelling will sibside and the the big and second toe will get closer when the swelling subsides,I am sore as the nerves are starting to mend,yes this was my third bunion surgery on the same big toe,sometimes mutiple causes could be causing the bunion so all in all if its not severe conditions dont have sugery because it can lead to multiple surgerys.I can see my big toe is much better.thanks for replys and good luck with the feet people

  164. susan Says:

    Mark D – was I glad to see someone with the same problem – I had corrective surgery muscle removed and tightning of big toe as it was not straight. this was done in Feb today my big toe is not straight it has gone right back across and second toe is a hammer toe now. I have to see surgeon again in June to consider more surgery but to be honest I am not sure I want to have anymore.maybe this is as good as it gets. big toe does get very sore. hope you get yours sorted but to be honest I dont think correction always gives the best results if it doesent work the firtst time. my surgeon told me it is the number of years the toe was across that is the problem and hard to fix
    give me an update.

  165. Ruth Says:

    I had a bunion removed 4 weeks ago I still have the swelling but it is healing really well

  166. Laura Says:

    Susan, if the big toe is going across the second toe again your doctor might choose to put a metal plate in your foot as well. I am 29 and to be honest I know I have had these bunions since I was at least 15. The one on my left foot was really bad my big toe went across both my second and third toe and I had lost mobility in those toes. My doctor explained if he didn’t put this metal plate and attach it with at least 2 screws it was highly possible the bunion would come back. He ended up putting 5 screws in my big toe so that two of the screws actually go from my big toe to the one right beside it to brace it so that it never loosens up again. It will be 4 weeks for me on this Thursday, he just released me to walk with some weight on the foot, so I still have to have crutches but I can at least stand on the foot now to take a shower so I am happy. Two more weeks he said I will be walking completely and I have been in no pain after the 5th day so I would recommend having it redone. I am so happy with my left foot I wanted to have my right one done asap, but the doctor said I need to wait a year. Hope this information helps some.

  167. Patricia Bell Says:

    Hello, I had surgery 4 days ago on bunion and bunionette of my left foot. I have a lot of swelling and am hard cast. I can’t even imagine walking on it for a long time.

  168. Mark D Says:

    Hello, I had surgery 4 days ago on bunion and bunionette of my left foot. I have a lot of swelling and am hard cast. I can’t even imagine walking on it for a long time.

  169. Mark D Says:

    I had a bunion corrective surgery “joint and tendon work “to correct the straightness of the big toe I was walking an the side pain and Big callus issues ensued but the big toe kind of sticks out will this subside?is this normal,has anyone experienced this before?

  170. Karen Says:

    Karen 57
    I had my left foot done on april 12th. My doctor used both a dissolvable pin and dissolvable stitches. The pain was bad on days 2, 3, and 4 but the Vicodin helped. I went back to see him on 16th and he changed my bandage. I found that they wrap it tight to keep the swelling down but the wrapping caused me more pain than the incision area. they gave me a surgical boot but he doesn’t like crutches because people often move around too much and end up loosing their balance and putting too much weight on the foot. By the 4th week after surgery I was getting around pretty well in a surgical boot. I found that I did not have my foot elevated enough so the swelling was bad. He took my bandage off at 2 weeks and gave me a spacer. I can get my tennis shoe on but it is really too tight, so I am still using the boot. I had my right foot done on May 10th and I have been much more diligent about staying off of it, so there is less swelling. Same as the first, I had a bandage and a surgical boot.I have not driven since the first one and I have not been out of the house except to go to the doctor and to a brunch on Mother’s day. I took the last 9 weeks of school off (I am a teacher) because the doctor said I would heal much better. I can’t believe it but I missed work after the first 2 weeks.

  171. Tammy Says:

    Had bunion surgery on the 12th of May so this is the 3rd day. I’ve walked since I left the hospital in my “special” shoe. Not much pain just a little bruising and swelling. Bandages come off on the 21st to be replaced by another bandage. Doctor tells me I’ll be all good for my beach trip on the 26th of June.

  172. june Says:

    Female. 43 y/o. North Carolina. Akin Procedure. Bi-lateral. I had BOTH bunions removed on Monday May 10, 2010! My incision is on the side. I was encouraged by the doctor and nurse to walk immediately after the surgery. So, no wheelchair for me, just crutches. The reason I chose to have both done at the same time is any procedures that are done at the same time the second is HALF off, lol. I am scheduled to wear the boots for 6 weeks! My first appointment is in 2 weeks to change out my bandages. I can’t wait to see what my feet look like. I am currently on Vicodin…Percocet caused me to itch and made me really hyper. I did not go to sleep until Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I am soooo happy that I decided to have both done at the same time. Today is Friday and I am in NO pain. I’ve walked out to the mailbox and fed the dogs several times this week. Thanks Dr. Boone!

  173. susan Says:

    I am 7 months post surgery (correction done in Feb) and although foot still not 100 % swelling is down and I can get into wide fit shoes, to be honest I cant wear much more than comfort lacing shoes, but I got them in red so they look ok. I like others expected to fit into a nice heeled shoe sandal but alas no I go on holiday in two weeks and we walk lots but not sure how it will hold out this time. seeing surgeon again in June for consultation on getting the two hammer toes done but its wire sticking out the toes, anyone know how long the healing is and how could I protect the toes. No cast this time, anyone had this done. This will be the 3rd op since Nov and really not sure I want to go through anymore as just getting back to walking normally, if I walk slowly its fine, the minute I speed up the limp is back and I cant bend my big toe due to the pins – but yes it was worth it. appreciate any responses

  174. Ellen Says:

    I had bunion surgery and a hammertoe fixed 5 1/2 weeks ago. Two permanent screws in big toe and one pin in the hammertoe — stuck out the end. The pin was the worst part.
    I had to stay on crutches for 3 weeks. After that I could put some pressure on foot, using one crutch for as long as it was comfortable. After 5 weeks, the pin was removed (not painful) and I could finally get foot wet. But, doctor said NOT to overdo things — keep foot elevated whenever possible and use crutch/cane if necessary. I was told I’d have to stay in the surgical shoe for at least 7-8 weeks total and that swelling would last 6 months, possibly more. I have friends who rushed things and healing was slowed to extent that their feet are still swollen a year later. I guess it all depends on type of surgery, quality of doctor, and not overdoing things.

  175. LC Says:

    update: in 5 days I will be 8 weeks post surgical from my Austin bunionectomy. Most of the pain has gone away but the swelling is still very bad. I have not been able to wear anything other than my flip-flops.. i was hoping i would be back in tennis shoes by now and back in the gym but its not going as well as planned. im hoping things will heal up a little more because i will be going on vacation in 2 weeks. my last dr appt was on the 27th of last month and dr said the bone was about 90% healed. I wore the boot about a week longer, per dr orders, but took it off. probably have to go back to wearing it since the swelling just wont stop. any idea how long this will stay swollen before i can fit a shoe on my fat foot??.. ughh!!!

  176. joleen gomez Says:

    hi im joleen and im 20 years old and i had my surgery about 4 years ago, it has healed,except i think i took my stitches out too soon and now there is a small hole where the last stitch would have been and ALL around it there is hard scar tissue that hurts extremely bad i cant wear any type of shoe that rubs it to hard i mainly have to wear sandals all year round and i dont know what to do..some one please help me..thanks

  177. Althea Says:

    I had Bunion Surgery Dec 10, 2009, which consisted of having the bone shaved and pin placed in the bone. My big toe is not exactly straight but it looks good. My scar is healing good. I was in a cast for 3 weeks and when that came off my bandages were changed and then bandaged back up for another 3 weeks with the special shoe that allowed no pressure on the front part of my foot. I was out of work for 7 weeks and I have a job where I stand all day. I worked for three days and the bottom of my foot right behind my toes were swollen so big my toes would not touch the floor. I return to the doctor and was taken out of work for another week. Now it has been 5 months since my surgery and I am back out of work again cause the same area behind the toes was so tender it was hard for me to walk. Now I am being told on May the 3rd that the bones in my toes has not healed after all this time. The incision spot the swelling has never gone away. Now I am going have to have a bone stimulator in order to try and help the bones heal. I do not smoke, I am not a diabetic, have had bone denisty test and every thing look good. So has anyone else been told that the bone is not healing. I have not had any pain in my foot since two days after the surgery. The only pain I was having was just under the bottom of my foot.

  178. Cindy Says:

    Brian, I was able to drive after my 10 day check-up when I had my left foot done, as long as I wasn’t on pain meds the Dr. said.

  179. Laura McKinney Says:

    It has been a little over two weeks since my surgery on April 22. I got my wrap off exactly two weeks from the surgery and immediately my foot felt better. The wrap was pressing so hard and when they unwrapped it it was black and blue all over so no wonder it hurt. I am very impressed with the x-ray it showed a completely strait foot although it was so swollen on the outside I could tell it was strait but it was really puffy and gross looking. I finally got to see all the work that was done. I had three incisions about 18 stitches total 6 in each which they took out after they unwrapped it. The x-ray showed 5 screws and a metal plate in my big toe, I couldn’t believe I wasn’t in more pain after seeing my foot. They had originally given me oxycodone and phenorgan for nausea. I too only took the pain meds for 5 days as I was having horrible nighmares while on it, so as soon as I could stand not taking them I did. The doctor had originally told me I wouldn’t walk for 6-8 weeks and I couldn’t put any weight on it for that long as well. After he seen my xray he told me two more weeks and I could possibly be walking which would mean after 4 weeks from the surgery I could be walking again. I am 29 so he said that helped because most patients that have a bunion as severe as mine are about twice my age and I have been listening staying off of it completely. I have to have the right one done as well so hopefully I will have both of them done before July 4th of this year because my husband deploys that day. Thanks for the comments everyone it helps. Laura M. from Hawaii

  180. Brian Says:

    I’m getting my bunion removed on my left foot in 2 days. The doctor said I will be in a cast for 6 weeks. How long will it be until I can drive again?

  181. Mindy R Says:

    It’s been 18 days since my Crecentric Ostetomy. I went to the doctor and had the stitches removed 3 days ago. Was hoping to be able to take a real shower now but instead she put steri-strips on it and said not to get it wet for another 2 weeks. The foot looks really good. The bruising was going away and a lot of the swelling had gone down. I say had because I have been out and about more the past 4 days than I had been for the previous two weeks which causes the swelling to increase again. Think I may have overdone it a couple of days in a row and it is aching today. Oddly it’s mostly the ankle and where the brusing is. I guess it’s because I hadn’t been using it at all and am trying to use my heel a little more. So far I’m very pleased with the look and have not had too much pain. Would really like to get the other one done right away but have planned on doing a marathon with my daughter in September so will have to wait till after that. Looking at the pictures before/after it’s hard to believe it’s even the same foot. I knew it didn’t look good before but really had no idea how bad it actually looked. Another 2 weeks befor I see the doctor again. I am really ready to be walking on my own two feet again. The crutches are exhausting!

  182. Erin Says:

    Isn’t it interesting how different the drs orders are for everyone?

    Kristina, my dr had me doing 200 toe bends a day, broken down to 50 4 times a day. I started those 2 days after the surgery. I am supposed to push to discomfort.

    I am two weeks past surgery and have not had pain, but slight discomfort. I get my stitches out on Tuesday.

  183. Princess Says:

    I just had my second surgery today so am two feet down none to go.

    No pain -so far but I’m swimming in drugs

    Two weeks on for my right foot and I have no pain and can walk easily with my groovy ortho shoe. The bandages are still on and the doc says they need to stay on for a coup,e more weeks

    Can’t believe j didn’t do this before.

    Plus I’m getting all this sitting down at home jobs done thAt I never get round to -sorting iut pictures in albums and the like

  184. Ellen Says:

    Re the pain — My doctor recommended 2 tablets of benedryl to supplement the vicodin. It helps relive nausea and also the pain — plus it makes you very sleepy which is a good way to get through the night (and the many boring days of inactivity!)

  185. Jasmin Says:

    No one has commented on how long you are off work after bunion surgery. I know it probably depends on the type of job you have. Just curious.

  186. Niki Says:


    Week 3.5 post op. Feeling okay. Hobbling around in the walking boot without crutches for the most part. I can tell if I’m overdoing it. I finally took off the surgical tape, and the would seems to be healing okay- a little weepy in spots, but nicely overall. Lots of swelling and bruising on the bottom of my foot. Hurts the most between by first and second metatarsal. Keeping it elevated as much as possible, back to work this week teaching. Checkup with the Doc next week, getting tired of limping around, but know that taking it easy will help!

  187. jasmin Says:

    on reading comments I find it hard to understand how quickly lots of you have been back into normal shoes. I am now 6 months post surgery and correction in February and still am unable to get normal fitting shoes on, I have to wear wide fit flats. I still have discomfort in my big toe and like others it is not straight, anyone else find their toe back to the pre op position.????

  188. Mindy R Says:

    Kylie….Call your doctor! He/she should be able to give you a different pain medicine. I didn’t have such a bad reaction and luckily not any real pain just a little discomfort but my doctor told me the meds could make me sick as did the pharmacist. I was given ocycodone with acetaminophine and it didn’t make me sick but it did give me bad dreams which I kept remembering so I wasn’t sleeping well at all. I quit taking it asap since I was just taking it as a precaution (in case of pain) but I’m sure there is something else they can prescribe to relieve your pain. Everyone reacts differently to drugs

  189. Kristina Says:

    Monday will be 5 weeks since my surgery – Chevron Osteotomy. Very little pain since first few days. All bandages came off after two weeks and back in roomy shoes. The doctor used dissolvable stitches, while glad he didn’t have to pull them out, they were uncomfortable as my shoe pressed into them (they were hard plastic thread) and just recently dissolved and fell out. PT was to bend the big toe up and down four times -four times a day. I am very happy with the surgery, except that now I am having trouble bending the toe upwards, it has gotten stiff and only bends half way up, making it difficult to stand on tippy-toe. I will call the doctor on Monday, but has this happened to anyone, is this normal, will it eventually bend back to normal?

  190. Kathy Says:

    I had bunion surgery on April 19th, I had one bone shaved, one cut down, 2 permanent screws and a permanent staple in the bone. I am in a boot with a hard heel. VERY PAINFUL! I’m at the end of my second week after surgery and stitches will be removed on Monday (exactly 2 weeks after surgery) and I’ll graduate to a soft boot. My stomach could not tolerate pain meds, so I choose each day if I want to deal with the pain or spend my day with my head in a bowl! I go back and forth. The pain level on a scale from 1-10 is probably on average 4-5, moving up by the end of the day (depending on how mobile i’ve been) to a 5-6, 6-7 at which point only the really potent painkillers work, and then I’ll wake up sick! How long does this misery last?????

  191. Judy Says:

    Kathy-I had the same problems with painkillers; I got every side effect so I just lived with pain except at night; I had both feet done (Austin AND osteotomy so 4 screws in each foot), one 9 weeks ago, one 2 weeks ago. My pain level was just like yours, finally started to subside in Week 3, not totally gone until Week 5; good luck, I feel for you.

  192. Mindy R Says:

    Had my surgery 4/20. Was suppose to see the doctor to have the stitches out on 5/4 but had some concerns so I called. I was concerned the swelling in my foot was going to cause it to split open, it felt so huge. I was told this was normal but offered to come in a week early and have the dressing changed. The cast was removed and now I have some guaze bandages around the foot with an ace bandage over top of that and the ortho shoe still. It’s a lot less cumbersome! My foot looked great! Much better than I expected. It was a little swolen(apt. was in the am, had a small amount of brusing around the ankle and toes but not much around the incision and I really couldn’t be happier with it. I’m excitd that it looks so great already and it still has a lot of healing to do. Have had just a little discomfort since the cast was removed but no real pain. I’m looking forward to next Wednesday when the stiches come out.

  193. Kylie Says:

    I had my surgery on 4/21. After 3 days in bed have been moving around the house on crutches but it is slow. I had the lapidus which involved cutting the bone in a couple of places & securing with pins. Stitches out mid next week & cast on. I am so anxious to get the next one done as my mom is staying with us to help with the kids & house – so hard to do anything on crutches! I feel bad putting her out so much. How quickly have people on crutches been able to have the 2nd foot fixed? I’m hoping 8 weeks. Any tips for speeding up recovery? It’s great hearing other experiences. Thanks.

  194. leanne Says:

    i had my surgery on the 16th april 2010 so i am about 12 days into it now. i had a lump of bone removed off the top off my big toe and the bone shaved….i woke up after surgery not feeling too bad then the pain kicked in, i read on this page the pain isnt too bad, after having 2 babies i think i would rather be in labour than go through that again, the physio tried to get me mobile far too soon (hour after op) and hence i started bleeding out of my bandages all in a nice pool on the floor….anyway i have the big bandage on and the boot and i’m on crutches too. The bandage is driving me crazy as it is falling off, i can hobble now without the crutches (not sure if i am meant to be) but it still feels a bit funny when walking, i cant wait to see what it looks like and will find out on the 4th may when i have my stitches taken out and bandage changed, i probably was up and about too soon but i really hate sitting about and kept it elevated as much as i can so we will see next week, this site has been fab for me and i really appreciate everyones comments to compare to my own operation….speedy recovery everyone xxxx

  195. Laura McKinney Says:

    I had the Austin Bunionectomy with the extra cutting of the two triangles of the bone (not sure what it is called). It has been 5 days and I am very tired. My left toe was at a 20+angle and I am 29. I too am feeling a lot of pain around the ankle and the top of the foot. I go Monday to get the stiches out. I am hoping to get the right one done immediately after recovering from the left one. My doctor is not letting me have a boot at all, he wants me in crutches with no weight for the entire time! I think every doctor is just different this is an Army doctor so they can be less compassionate. I am so glad for everyone’s comments it has helped me understand what I’m going through because no one that I know has had bunions like mine and everyone that looks at my feet just cringes/calls it a deformity, and what really aggravates me is when people say it is from wearing tight shoes! I have had it my entire life, my doctor said it is heredity to have loose tendons. I am originally from KY not only did I not ever wear tight shoes, I don’t like to wear any shoes so it makes me angry when people assume that it is your fault that you have bunions. I am so happy to have it done, even though I am in pain and I’m tired, it is worth it and I can’t wait to have the right one done as well. Thanks everyone for the comments; I don’t feel like the only one now. Laura M. from Hawaii

  196. Judy Says:

    Update: Week 9 on right foot, still swelling but if I wasn’t told to be careful with it I would forget because nothing on it bothers me much. I am in a tight walking shoe (M width YAY!!! as I used to take 2EE) which gives total support, with an inner sole my doctor made that prevents me from stepping on the big and little toes.

    WEEK 2 on left foot, which ended up with a second surgery after 10 days due to over-correction. The same as others have shared, my left foot was a totally different experience despite having the same surgery as the right. On one I had substantial bruising along with a week of this horribly painful tight feeling (I described it as a big monster squeezing my foot), then 3 weeks of medium pain. On the other foot I had little bruising, one week of burning pain, now very light already at Day 12.

    Lori – I had the same experience after one of my surgeries; the bandage was too tight and was excruciating! Doctor had me cut the bandage on the outside of the big toe to release the pressure. They try to make it as tight as possible to reduce swelling, but sometimes they over correct the big toe when they bandage it up.

  197. Cindy Says:

    First in response to Sandys comment on the massaging, my physical therapist did the same thing, starting right behind the toes with her thumb to get the swelling out of there and the blood moving down towards my ankle. She would just keep working it with her hand and it helped. It was amazing how quickly that swelling would move out of that area. When I was home I would do it myself when it looked like that blood was starting to accumulate up there behind my toes. Another trick the PT told me was before I get out of bed in the morning, put my surgery foot straight up in the air and do a back and forth motion with it to get the circulation moving before I get out of bed. I really have very little swelling still in my foot at 4 months post. It was amazing how much progress each day brought.
    To answer you Mindy on my other foot, I have a moderate severe bunion on it too, but 25 years ago I had botched metatarsal surgery on it by 2 different podiatrists and it has given me 25 years of grief because of the way the foot is hitting the floor. I have had to wear orthotics in my shoes for several years which really help tremendously when you get the right ones from a certified pedorthist, but now they are starting to let me down too. That’s one big obstacle, everyone wants to operate on a “virgin” foot that has never been touched, but it’s much harder to find a surgeon that wants to operate on a foot that has a lot of complications from previous surgeries. 25 years ago, we didn’t have all these wonderful ways of communication and technology to find things out BEFORE surgery which is another benefit of this website.

  198. Nina Says:

    I participated in a study and had surgery Dec 4, 2009, so it is near 5 months since my surgery. My discomfort now is the stiffness in my toe continues to come back esp. when my feet get cold, and it still hurts when I flex it or wear heels. My doctor said the bone has healed but some scarred tissue is still there and it becomes inflammed when I wear heels or flex it and that’s where the pain is coming from. It has to be flexed everyday, but it’s hard to inflict more pain on yourself when your toe already hurts. My incision is on the side of my foot and my toe is not completely straight as I thought it would be. The DR said it wouldn’t be natural for my toe to be completely straight because it would leave a big gap btwn it and my second toe.

  199. Sandy Says:

    Hello again, Went for a return visit as mentioned earlier. The surgeon didn’t remove strips, they will come off eventually on their own. What amazed me most about my last visit was that the surgeon used a massage technique to disburse fluid(swelling) above my toes to my ankles. I’m sorry I have yet to have an answer myself to what this technique is called. It’s a massage to push what appeared to be a water balloon (for lack of better description) up my foot and on to my ankle. Relieved any pain or discomfort I had in flexing my toes and stretching the tendons. He said that the femoral artery releases a chemical to help with this process. Simply amazing !!! Swelling occurs throughout the day as I expected, but after elevating it goes down.hope all of you are progressing in your recovery as well as I am. Sincerely

  200. Mindy Says:

    Cindy – I was really pleased to see the content of your posting – it answered all my concerns re toe drifting. I had a lot of work done on my foot in November 09 and correction in Feb 10 – but can say that every day it improves. I went to an Otho surgeon as the Pod said I could just wear very wide fitting shoes. Glad I had the surgery although it has been 12 weeks longer recovery due to the pin being too big and having to be done again, in all I have 7 pins/screws in my foot. cosmetically it is not great but hey I can walk with just some discomfort in my toe (due to the pins) and yes it swells still but getting better. whats the problems with your other foot Cindy? I have still one more op to get in July.

  201. Mindy Says:

    Hi Erin,

    I haven’t gotten any answers from other runners. I did see an article in runners world where the person was fine for running later but don’t remember how much later. I asked my doctor before the surgery and she seemed to think I would be ok for the running in time to do the Berlin marathon at the end of September but not sure it would give me enough time to actually train for the race. Still hopeful. I went out yesterday for the first time with the crutches and my foot was hurting a bit last night so I took the pain meds again. I also had a little sort of spasm in the foot I guesss. Like when your dreaming and feel like your falling. It didn’t hurt but my big toe actually moved slightly which I’m hoping is a good sign. That may also be why I had the bit of pain last night but I’m not sure. I have been able to feel the toe touching the tip but hadn’t tried to wriggle it yet so I’m hoping this is a good thing. I’ll keep you posted and if you hear from anyone about the running please let me know.

  202. Heidi Says:

    i have a painful bump( a bone, not a cyst) on the outside of the midfoot, that rubs against the shoe. anyone familiar with what type of bone this could be and if i was to have surgery how long would i be off work? thanks for responding.

  203. Lori Hirt Says:

    The feeling came back in my foot about 3am after my surgery the day before at noon. It was a horrible feeling. Pain and pressure. Nothing at all like I had when my right one was done. The pain would not go away even with meds, elevation and ice. I finally called dr. at 8am and they had me take off the boot and loosen the bandage which helped tremendously. The pain lasted a couple of days and was worse with boot on. Now getting close to a week out I am doing much better and hardly any pain at all. See dr. on Tues and think he will release me to walk in the boot without crutches.

  204. GoodGolly Says:

    I had surgery on my left foot on March 1 2010. I’m completely back to normal and I’m wearing my beautiful shoes sans le bunion! It was not painful and I got around fine in a big, ugly shoe for about 5-6 weeks. I am so glad I had it done and now, I’m ready to start exercising again.

  205. Mindy Says:

    It’s been 3 days since my surgery. So far I’m feeling pretty good. I took the pain meds on schedule for the first two days and kept my foot on ice and elevated. Have cut the pain meds back to only one since bed last night and not really having any pain. Some twinges that made me nervous this afternoon so I took one just because of the fear of possible pain. Still using the crutches and trying to get around a bit more now. I have 2 weeks before I see my doctor and she will take the stitches out then. So far I’m feeling good and looking forward ot getting it over with.

  206. Erin Says:

    Mindy, I had surgery yesterday. No pain so far. I am hoping to start training for the NYC Marathon in mid-July. Did you find any answers from other runners about getting back to running? I’m like you, in that I want to finish and don’t care about being fast.

  207. Cindy Says:

    Hello everyone. I am at the 4 mo. post surgery point now and doing great. I am 52 and had the moderate severe bunion surgery with the osteotomy or shortening of the first metatursal and 2 screws put in to keep the joint straight. I still have a little swelling but can wear most shoes. The metatasal pad is still tender on the bottom but yesterday I went to another ortho surg. for a second opinion on my other foot that needs done and I ask him some of the questions we have all been wondering. First of all as far as the big toe drifting slightly back towards the others, it just follows the natural path the others have taken all these years. If the big one was completely straight, you would have a big ugly space between it and the 2nd toe which would look like you could fit another toe in there and believe me, I have seen that. And as far as a slight bump where the bunion was, that too is normal. He said it’s not supposed to be straight like a board on that side of the foot. It is natural to have some curve there. The bunion is a boney bump or knot. My other foot has a lot of other problems so I’m sure it will be a lot more intense recovery but I am SO thankful of the recovery I have had on the left foot. The Dr. also said the tenderness I have is normal as it takes 6 months for the bones to heal completely. My feet are tired at night I will admit, but overall I am again SO thankful. I can get out of the car and walk briskly into Walmart just like I did 4 months ago before surgery! He also said it is normal for there to still be some swelling at this point. I am also curious how many of you went to a podiatrist versus an orthopedic surgeon? I went to the ortho.

  208. Mindy Says:

    Mindy 42y female. Had Crecentric Osteotomy Tuesday April 20. It’s only day one after the surgery. so far no pain but am keeping it iced and keeping on the pain meds as prescribed. I was surprised that I have a cast which I was not expecting. I have crutches and am allowed to only put 25% weight on the foot(heel)while using the ortho shoe which only allows you to use the heel anyway. I very much appreciated this site while I was getting ready for my surgery and will keep you all updated as to how I’m doing. Thanks for all the posts. It really makes you realize how different the procedure and recovery can be for each person.

  209. Sandy Says:

    Well gang this is the 12th day after surgery. Never had that first pain.Going back to surgeon on the 23rd for removal of butterfly strips and a new bandage that can be removed to take shower. The Vascutherm2 and the Roll a bout have been a blessing.I can do everything myself (it’s only me)that I would normally do with the exception of driving.I only wish all patients could utilize both so that post-op would be easier. I agree this website is a good source in informing others of the different experiences and types of surgeries, what I don’t understand from my reading is that most of you are walking shortly after surgery and I’m not allowed for 5 more wks. It’s true that I as well had “hardware” placed (screw,and metal thread) to hold bones in place. I will ask my surgeon as to why some are allowed and some are not when it appears that most surgeries are more envasive. Take care all, and may God Bless.

  210. Lori Hirt Says:

    Had my second bunionectomy today on my left foot. Different dr. different procedure than the one on my right foot. So far still have no feeling in my foot which is nice. The cut the bone and put screws in that will stay. I am to be on crutches in boot with no weight bearing for 7 days. So I will update everyone in a week when I go for my checkup. FYI my anesthiaologist had this procedure and for hammertoe done by same dr. 6 weeks ago and walked into my room beautifully so I am excited to see my results!

  211. Sig Says:

    I am a bit dissapointed because I am still on the cast. Today, I have 6 weeks since the buneonectomy on my left foot. After X-rays yesterday, the Dr. decided to leave the pin and cast in for another 10 days. I haven’t had pain nor swelling in weeks, so I thought cast and pin weregoing to be removed…but the bone has not healed completely yet…I went back to work today and I felt great. I am only going for half a day, making sure I sit most of the time with my foot up. Ithink it is an easy way to make the transition from not walking much to working gain.

    Kristina – 6 weeks ago, I had my bone shaved and I am still in a cast with a pin. I am not sure about your recovery but I would recommend to call your doctor’s nurse or the place where they removed your stitches to make sure you are ready to be without a cast.

  212. susan Says:

    several points you raise have been my concerns, particulary Dryan- you say your big toe drifted back across, mine did also, the surgeon assures me it will not get any worse, but I am disappointed as it spoils the look (yes call me vain) The Bunion removal is sucessful the surgeon says, but to he honest I think there is a slight lump, but like you Dryan you begin to imagine all sorts, so perhaps it is not as I think and just a normal bump. I had my first surgery in November 09 and corrective surgery Feb 10 so recovery has been slower than many of you guys, but I have to say I still have a very slight limp especially when I have been very mobile, and swelling on the top of the foot, anyone else has this???
    I have 7 pins/screws in my foot, so yes it is a bit stiff but I can come down stairs using both feet now, and also notice the cramp in my calf is improving. I understand it can take up to a year for full mobility.
    hope all continues to improve with you Dryan

  213. Niki Says:

    Update: 1 week post op. Had the dressings changed today and got to see the foot for the first time. It’s GONE! The bump is gone and everything is perfectly straight! The skin has started to knit back together well. No infection or redness! I’ll have a long scar, but I can live with that- no more kiding the foot in the sand at the beach. I’ve kept it elevated and on ice continuously for 6 days and it looked good! The bruising was at a minimum, and the doc said it was because of the elevation and ice! I couldn’t be happier with the result. I still get a bit of pressure if I leave the foot down for too long, but that is subsiding. All I have to do is prop it up for a bit and the pressure goes away. I’m so glad I had this done. I can’t wait for next week when I get the velcro cast and can start putting weight back on it!

  214. dryan333@yahoo.com Says:

    23-year old male with a moderate to severe bunion, bad big toe deformity and joint surgery:

    Ok im at 9 weeks on the left foot and 4 weeks on the right. Only pain I ever experienced was the first 2 days (and it was very bearable).
    My right foot feels fine for the most part. Only complaint/concern is the toes are discomforting, particularly the big toe. I am using a very thin soft material so they dont rub together and cause irritation. I rally can’t say how the foot overall feels as I haven?t walked normally for 9 weeks. Since i’ve been in crutches/boots with either foot during the whole period.
    Like others, i saw at the 3/4 week mark the big toe shift back inwards, not to where it was though. It hasn’t shifted to where it was and hasn’t shifted at all from what I could tell in the last month, so hopefully this is lasting and its final position.
    Another week or 2 (not rushing it) when ill be at 5/6 weeks and allowed to go to very light/limited walking in a sneaker. But as I said I am not rushing this as the moment I went into a sneaker with the other foot I saw an immediate big toe shift. I am afraid of this happening again.
    My range of motion is pretty good, it’s stiff, but not too stiff, hopefully the stifness will improve or at the very least not get worse.
    It may be just “obsessive/nervous” me But I have seen a very slight reoccurrence in the left foot. But as I say im hoping its just me.
    Overall, I am still pending my whether or now this surgery was a good choice. But when it comes down to it, I probably wont know for years.
    All I know is I had full activity level before surgery so I will be very critical if this is threatened.
    But anything less then full mobility (running, exercising, being on my feet all day) will be VERY disappointing and regretful.

  215. Sandy Says:

    It has been 6dys since my bunion surgery on my left foot. I have yet to experience the first pain associated with it.I applaud my surgeon with the sciatic nerve block and foot block given to me prior to the procedure,as well as the Vascutherm2 unit to aide to my during my recovery.Also he suggested the Roll a bout to get around the hoouse with. My mobility is unsurpassed. I feel sorry for those of you that haven’t had the care and expertise that I’ve had.Pain management was a big part of not feeling any pain as well. Take care to all.

  216. Kristina Says:

    Its been 13 days since I had an Austin bunionectomy. My big toe had to be broken and I have a screw in the bone. The pain is not nearly as bad as anticipated and I was walking the same night I had my surgery, only the the restroom. After 1.5 weeks I was driving. Have to get kids to school! Today I had my stitches removed but not from my podiatrist, who is sick and out for a week. I went to an urgent care and they removed them easily but only gave a big bandaid tye thing over the incision that I asked for. The toes feel very wierd being out of the bandages, is this normal??? Also am I supposed to rebandage?? My toes feel numb and I’m scared to try and bend them, seems like I am walking worse in the boot now than I was before having the bandages out. But I know that its more vulnerable now without the stable security I had before. Just wondering at week 2 what others who had their bone broken were doing. Thanks

  217. LC Says:

    Tomorrow will be 4 weeks post surgical. I had a bunion removed, they had to break my first metatarsal and screw it back together. I have not beared ANY weight on my foot at all, per doctors orders, another 2 weeks (total of 6 weeks on crutches, absolutely NO weight bearing) i will be able to start applying pressure to my foot again. Im not sure which surgery I got but I had also asked my doctor to correct a hammertoe on my 2nd toe. In a nuttshell, this has been BY FAR the most pain ive ever been in. It hurts like hell at night, i still dont have all the feeling back in my foot and i get terrible muscle spazms when i sleep. i just want it to heal so i can be back in the gym. good luck to everyone.

  218. niki Says:

    Just an update from me: I had my surgery yesterday. I had the wedge taken out and a plate installed with several screws. My Dr. explained that the plate will help the healing process. I am in my bandages, a splint and ace bandages to hold it all together. I am in this for two weeks, non weight bearing, and then I get one of those velcro boots where I will begin walking on it with the aid of crutches. Better than I had hoped because originally, the Doc had told me that I would be non weight bearing for 6-8 weeks.

    The pain is not so bad, I’m just totally keeping it elevated and icing consistently. I think the ice is actually helping a lot. I crutched out to the mailbox earlier for a change of scenery, and after that trip- I needed to put the foot up again.

    So far so good- I’ll let you know how the rest of it goes! Thanks for all of the advice and help- it’s not that bad!

  219. anne Says:

    I just had my surgery on the 8th of April and it went pretty well. I have eased up on my pain meds and haven’t put any weight on my left foot at all. My doctor put 2 pins in my left foot, not sure exactly what my bunion surgery was called. My big concern now is how long before I can wear my work shoes. I work on concrete floors, 12 hours a day and have to wear steel toed shoes.

  220. Judy Says:

    LC: I concur; the most pain I have ever experienced, way beyond internal surgeries. I am one week off surgery on left foot, 7 weeks on right foot; both feet had 1st and 5th metatarsal broken with 2 screws in each. If it makes you feel any better, I made a lot of progress between weeks 5 & 6, was starting to walk around on it despite 5 weeks of extreme pain. So there is hope, just be careful and hang in there the first month.

  221. Sig Says:

    I am not sure what type of bunionectomy I had. They fixed my big toe (28 degree deviation)and I have a pin in my foot. After surgery I walked using crutches for two weeks. My Dr. told me I should be walking on my foot to accelerate the healing. He insisted, even when I said the heel hurt. I thought something may had gone wrong because I couldn’t walk. The nurse who changed my bandages on day 14 made me feel better. She had her surgery done 3 years ago and she told me she felt heel pain also. She recommended me to try different ways to walk on the foot. She said she remembered feeling pain on the first step and then the pain went away until she got up again. That lasted a couple of weeks. I started trying and it worked for me too. Four weeks today, I still walk around the house and venture out keeping my foot up while sitting down. But the walking is getting better and better. I would say call your doctor and ask questions because they have done the surgery before and they can recommend what to do and what to avoid based on your procedure. I have asked him questions based on what I have read about other’s recoveries before trying something. I don’t want to mess up my foot again and start all over again.

  222. Sig Says:

    I think it is important to realize that there is a variety of procedures done under the guise of “bunionectomy” and that they vary widely. If you are in no pain and on your feet immediately it is likely you had a McBride not an Austin or additional corrections, or only first metatarsal (big toe), not first and fifth (small toe). Age also plays a role, as does how well you treat it post-surgery. I am 5 weeks out of an Austin on the first metatarsal along with an osteotomy on the fifth metatarsal, and I am still in pain, only this week allowed to hobble more than a few feet with the surgical shoe. So it would be helpful on this site if everyone identified which procedure they had done.
    Thank you!

  223. susan Says:

    Can anyone tell me if after bunion surgery and big toe pinned the toe has started to drift across again, not as bad as before surgery, but I am worried it may get worse, anyone else have this problem? Also my 2nd toe is sticking up at the joint.So disappointed as the toe was straight but drifted slightly. I have had surgery 20 wks ago and required correction 8 wks ago. seeing surgeon again in 12 weeks re another correction, but not sure if I should have anymore done. Pain has gone, so guess its all cosmetic for me at the momemt/ comments welcome please.

  224. kristina Says:

    The type of surgery I had was called Chevron Osteotomy, but he did say he made some modifications to it. The first day after surgery, my foot was completely numb, and only in the middle of the night did it start to hurt. The next day it was fine again in the day time, getting up every 1/2 hour to walk on it full weight, but again in the night terrible pain. My doctor told me that due to rain, it was sure to hurt that night. I asked him for some heavy pain meds which he prescribed but the pain at night was now gone. He changed the bandage on the third day, foot looked good, a bit swollen, but that ugly bunion is gone! I am now at day 6 and able to walk a bit without any shoes on, and my pt is to bend the toe back and forth four times a day. Overall I’m pretty happy with the progress. Let’s see what the next few days brings.

  225. Mindy Says:

    I am having bunion surgery. (Crecentic Osteotomy)on April 20. I had planned on doing a marathon at the end of September. Are there any other runners out there that can give me an idea how long before I can actually do that distance? I am not interested in being fast, just finishing. Is there any possibility that I will be able to finish this race even at a fast walk?

  226. Lori Says:

    I had my first surgery done on my right foot on November 15 and on Jan 4th I was walking on the beach in the sand:)

  227. susan Says:

    Laura- I agree with others take the advise of the doc and rest the foot, use ice packs for swelling, and flex your toes even a little, I also found massaging the whole foot and apply moisturizer a couple of times a day, this also helps with the scar. I was fortunate and in plaster cast, one which covered only my foot with the toes free which helped reduce the pain. its worth it, I took 19 years of misery before I eventually said ‘enough is enough’plus I could hardly walk, I had a thick callous on the sole of my foot which was so sore, within 6 weeks the callous had gone. Yes the toe is stiff where it was pinned but still better than before.
    rest, massage, ice packs, walking with the surgical boot short distances it will be worth it. take care and good luck – susan

  228. kristina Says:

    Just had my bunion surgery this morning. My doctor actually gets you up walking full weight on your foot (with funny shoe on of course) every 1/2 hour for one minute – supposed to speed recovery. EBIce machine on off every 20 mins and pain killers. So far no pain. My friend had same surgery with same doctor and was up and dancing in no time!

  229. Illiana Says:

    I had my operation on my right foot march 5th . I went back to work March 10th. and tried to stay off my feet as much as possible. I had the procedure where they make tiny incisions to correct the bunion on both sides od the foot as well as some hammer toes. I was born with these feet…thanks alot dad! I don’t wear heels often at all but did allot of track and ballet growing up. I’m now wearing the boot for 5 more days and have has the soft cast removed but have to wear a splint at night for the next 5months.
    walking has gotten better, I still have swelling and pins an needles feeling. I take loads of vitamins, calcium, omega etc to help healing process. Next month its the left foots turn

  230. Sig Says:

    Angela, I wear those too! I used them for a while as part of the Dr.’s treatment to avoid surgery. The toe spacers really helped during the day and at night with my small bunion on the right foot but not with the left. The pain didn”t go away on the left, so we opted for the surgery. Great advise! My Dr. also told me to continue wearing the insoles to help with my fallen arch.

  231. Sig Says:

    Niki – I have a small cast that covers only the scar and the pin (they used a stripe of plaster). I had that when I left the OR and they replaced it after 14 days when removing the stitches. I am not sure if that is what you mean or if you refer to a full cast all the way to the knee. Anyways, it has been 19 days after surgery. My cast gets tight sometimes at night, even though I am not walking much during the day and I keep my foot elevated on pillows. For the last 4 days, I have been walking without crutches and the cast has not bothered me. Maybe moving around the ankle and outside part of the foot/heel helps with circulation and reduces swelling. My Dr. insisted to start putting weight on my heel since I woke up from anesthesia. Ask yours.

  232. Sig Says:

    I was infuriated and sad yesterday when watching Oprah. She had a shoe&bag shop to change the image of women in the audience. They told women that they could reduce age and improve figure just by changing shoes. All the women they showed ended up with high, but high heels. The shoes were cute and the women looked amazing – that is the part that made me sad. Yet, I kept thinking, how can a teacher like me with bunion surgery wear shoes like that all day? I wonder how many of those women have painful feet now. Oprah always wears extremely hihg heels when doing her show, but yesterday she said those are shoes for sitting. She takes them off and walks with bare feet to talk to the audience at the end of her shows…Smart move! She doesn”t have to endure painful bunions and feet.

  233. Laura Says:

    I will be having bunion surgery on both feet on April 8th. I am also having a Morton Neuroma removed on my right foot. I have had bunions all my life. I am now 42 and enough is enough. I feel I have no choice but to have the surgery. Any comments on recovery would be appreciated.

  234. tracy Says:

    Hi Laura. I had a Morton’s neuroma removal and bunion surgery done together on my left foot on January 8. I had the ‘chevron’ procedure done on the bunion and found the surgery to be not bad at all. After about 2 1/2 months, I am walking pretty much normally and can wear most of my shoes. The pain I experienced before the surgery is gone, but I still have some swelling in the bottom of my foot where the neuroma was. My doctor said I will have some swelling for up to 6 months. To be honest, even with a small amount of post-operative pain, I have had minimal discomfort compared to what I experienced before the surgery. It has absolutely been worth it.
    My only advice to you is to follow doctor’s orders and make sure to move your toes as much as you can, when you are given the OK to do so. My toe joints from both the neuroma surgery and the bunion surgery are very stiff, even after 6 weeks of physiotherapy. I have one more month of physiotherapy to try to regain some additional mobility, but the therapist says after 3 to 4 months post-op it is unlikely I will see any more improvement in the joint. Even though the joints are stiff, I am able to do everything (and more) I did before the surgery. Good luck! I hope all goes well for you and you find the relief you are looking for.

  235. rene Says:

    Hi, I have just completed 3 months after my surgery. I can now walk upto 5 miles, although my foot feels tired after such a long walk, but it is not painful.

    I can wear pretty shoes again, mostly flat like ballerina flats. I have worn short heels a few times also. It does put some pressure on the toe and below that. The bone that was cut has a callous now, the bone is a lot thicker than on my other foot. So no pointed pumps yet, and may be never. That means I’ll have to give away lots and lots of shoes to Goodwill or to others who might want them…..but may be I should wait at least a year before I do that.

  236. Patricia Says:

    I will be having my left bunion removed on April 1 and am looking forward to it. I had my right one done in November 2009 and it is completely healed now. I can bend it back and forth and has great motion. My doctor is great and I wouldn’t have the surgery done by anyone else.

  237. susan Says:

    18 wks and two ops later I am into extra wide lace ups but I dont care as at least I can get a shoe on. I wouldnt try a heel yet, but maybe in a couple of months time but only for a night out, I will never risk the bunion coming back and I have been told it is possible if you wear the wrong shoes. so flats for day to day and slight heel for nights out. I understand everyones frustration as I actually believed when the bunion was removed and toe straightened I would be able to wear normal shoes but no way! I also had to get an insole as I have a fallen arch, so even harder to get shoes. I can now say that things are improving I can walk much better without the limp although still slower, and not as much pain, so everyone although you might not think so every day improvements will be made, I can feel a difference every day but dont over do it, and rest with foot up every night.

  238. Niki Says:

    I’m actually a little nervous. I’m having surgery the 9th of April for my left foot. They have to fix my metatarsal at almost its highest point. They’re cutting a wedge and inserting pins to fuse the bone. The doc says that I’ll be in a cast for 8 weeks, completely non-weightbearing. After that, I have the crutches with a surgical boot for another two- 10 weeks in all on the sticks. He says that I should eventually regain full range of motion.

    Anyone else get the cast? How did it go?


  239. susan Says:

    Niki – I had a bunion removed and metatarsal broken and pinned in two places, I was in cast for 6 weeks then in a surgical shoe, the pain was not too bad as the cast is great, difficult to get around but for pain its great as it keeps everything from moving. I had to have a 2nd op as one of the pins moved and caused pain, but this I understand is unusual, I had another pin put in on 5th February and back in plaster for 4 weeks then the surgical shoe again for 4 weeks. I was lucky as for me pain was not too bad considering what was done. Try not to worry, but really the cast almost deletes the pain, not sure if others have had this experience. This is a great site, I felt really isolated and not sure if things were going right until I read others postings.

  240. Judy Says:

    Maritza: Sorry to say, but really you should NEVER WEAR HEELS as they are part of what caused your bunions to begin with.

  241. cristen Says:

    Maritza, about 4-6 months after your surgery would be a safe time to say you could put on heels again.

  242. sig Says:

    Name: Sig Date: Thursday, Mar 25 2010

    18 days after surgery: I started walking without crutches yesterday. My doctor told me I should be doing that. I told him I was having pain in my heel when trying to put weight on it. He said to keep trying according to the level of pain. I did it yesterday. It was painful at the beginning, but the more I walk, the less it hurts. I ventured today to the beauty shop without crutches. I had a facial and retouched my hair color. It was a couple of hours so I ended up exhausted. I guess walking will get easier as days go by. I kept thinking something must have gone wrong with my surgery because of the heel pain, but I guess I am not so good dealing with pain. I think the question about age and recovery is a good one, so I am 38…and counting :)

  243. Angela Says:

    I’ve read some of you talk about your toe moving back to the right more than you had wanted it to after surgery. My toe was doing the same thing until I went and bought a pair of gel toe separators from wal-mart for under $4.00. I started using these five months after surgery. They seemed to have helped my toe from drifting back to where it was before the repair. It will be a bummer for it to go back. I hope it this can someone else. Best wishes

  244. maritza Says:

    when can i wear heals after bunion surgery

  245. susan Says:

    Hi Cindy – I also wondered if age came into the healing process, I am 53. I had a bad bunion for 18 years and wouldnt do anything about it due to fear, but ended up couldnt walk without severe pain. I am 18 wks post op but had 2nd op in Feb. I am now wearing Hotter wide fit lacing shoes, and they are great, plenty of toe space. I too have no pain where the bunion was removed, but like you have pain between the 2nd and 3rd toe across the top and behind. I also have swelling, and unfortunately my toe has drifted, it is not as bad as before but certainly not straight. I actually expected my toe to remain straight, thought I would still get into the wide fit shoes, but have had to buy extra wide but I guess the swelling will go down at some point. Would I have it done again- yes even with having had to have the extra op it was worth it.

  246. Sig Says:

    2 weeks after surgery: I went to the Dr. yesterday and got the stitches removed. I was kind of wanting to see how the foot looked and it looks pretty good. It is swollen but color is normal. Seeing the pin shocked me, though. The Dr. had told me the pin was going to be removed 4 weeks after the surgery, so I had hope to go back to work after 4 weeks. But he told me yesterday he will remove the pin in week 6. I am dissappointed for that and also for not being able to walk on my heel yet. I still feel pain in the middle of the heel and where the pin is when I try to walk on the heel. The Dr. told me to continue using the crutches and putting weight on the heel as the pain reduces…but my arms and hands are cryign for a break. I really like the way the foot looks and I see progress since the surgery, so I know the surgery was a good decision. If you are cosidering this surgery, just make sure your family will be able to help you for at least 2 weeks – that is the time you will be mostly in bed, a couch, or a recliner.

  247. Lori Says:

    I had my right bunion done in November of 2006. The dr offered to do my left one in about Feb 07. I wasn’t having any pain in my left foot so I declined. Since then my right foot has healed and is better than it has been in years but my left one is so bad I don’t even want to be on my feet anymore. I called the dr. and immediately scheduled the surgery. I wouldn’t do it any other way. It was a great outcome the first time and hopefully this one will be better!

  248. Angela Says:

    It’s been over 6 months and I still suffer with stiffness, numbness and also pain if I over do it. I guess I’ll be one of those that have to go a year before it will feel normal. I’m glad it wasn’t too much pain afterward. I took about a week of prescribed pain pills and some Alieve at night for about a week after that. It took over five months for the swelling to go down. Thank God I didn’t have to get any hardware or brokeness. It probably would have taken even longer to heal. I’m just a bit frustrated because I thought by now it would be back to normal. I am able to wear some of my wide toe comfortable shoes. Overall, I’m satisfied with the procedure.

  249. Sig Says:

    Carrie, You are right! Walking around a bit helps with lethargy and also BOREDOM. I can’t wait to see the doctor for the 1st time after I was released from the hospital. Hopefully, they will remove the stitches and change the bandages. I also hope the bandages are place in a way I can walk without. My hands and my right leg are sore – they are the ones doing all the work. I am kind of worried about the shoes I will wear to return to work after Spring Break. I will try slippers to start with – since I am a teacher, I know my 2nd graders will love it but I am not so sure about my principal :)

  250. Cindy Says:

    Hi everyone. I too am thankful for the website as it’s been great to see different scenerios. I am now 11 weeks post surgery with a moderate bunion on left foot. I was given clearance at my 10 week check-up to wear any kind of shoe I can get into, using common sense. I am mostly wearing tennis shoes because there is still swelling however I can get into dress shoes. I am 51 and have wondered how old some of you are as to how recovering compares with age. I am back to work and have a job where I am on my feet all day. The scar is fading nicely and the foot looks good however it hurts to walk and when it bends. I went to 8 weeks of PT. I was in the surgery boot 6 weeks. I can’t imagine how your feet would heal getting them both done at one time? I just wonder how long the pain will last when walking? The pain isn’t where the bunion was but in the middle of the top of my foot behind the 2nd and 3rd toes. It’s SO stiff. Any input?

  251. Hally Soboleske Says:

    I had my bunion removed a month ao. I had just one on the left foot. I tried medication and better shoes, and it still hurt, so I opted for surgery. After, I followed dr. directions and was not weight bearing for 2 weeks. Then, I had the walking boot, and I got around much better. The big toe is still very numb, but I have no pain at all. I am ready to start sneakers for the next month or two. The surgery did not hurt! I was numbed with local anesthetic enough that my foot was numb for a couple of days, and I also was given pain meds – which I only had to take for 2 days afterwords. But the key is to STAY OFF the FOOT for at least a month. It will lessen swelling and pain, and you will have a better outcome. I get to wear sneakers for the next 2-4 weeks,and I think that will help with the numbness and flexibility. It is totally worth it.

  252. cristen Says:

    Trish, I say go for it if you fully understand that you’ll be down for 2 weeks and in after surgery boots for 6weeks at the min, plus tennis shoes for 6months after. I’m really depressed about the surgery. I have a 2 1/2 year old and 6wks later I still can’t do much with her. I cant wear dress shoes, high heels, or wedges till July! I would not suggest having them done in summer.

  253. susan Says:

    Irene – you are so lucky getting trainers on so quickly, I am now 18 weeks post first surgery where I had bunion removed and muscle removed from 2nd toe and big toe pinned, altogether I have four pins and some screws in my foot. I managed to get a wide fit shoe on 2 weeks ago but still struggle as my big toe is not very flexible with the pin in it, I had secondary surgery in Feburary as one of the pins was too big and caused terrible pain. Since the pin was replaced I am getting on much better, walking with less of a limp but like most of you my foot still swells and getting shoes to fit is a nightmare. The most concerning thing for me is my big toe has strayed over, it is not as bad as before but I am concerned that the bunion will return, I am back at the consultant next week so will see what he thinks. take care everyone.

  254. Trish Says:

    Am contemplating having both feet done at the same time plus bunionettes on the side of each foot! Both big toes about 45 degree angle plus one of them also turning in. Was going to wait until they good too painfull before contemplating surgery ‘cos am scared of the recovery time. I was told up to 18 months in worse case scenario. Any comments welcome…

  255. susan Grant Says:

    I had my surgery in November 09 and again in Feb 2010 as I needed the pins corrected, I wonder if anyone has had problems getting shoes wide enough. Can anyone recommend shoes to buy on line. I have tried Hotter and they only do an EE fitting and I need EEE but a youngish style.

  256. Judy Says:

    I am 3 weeks from an Austin bunionectomy on the big toe along with an osteotomy on the little toe. My doc said to keep elevated above the heart at all times with the exception of 30 minute intervals to eat, etc. He prescribed me a wheelchair to get around as he wants no weight on the foot for a month. Had stitches out at 2 weeks, foot is purple and very swollen. Palidain is just now subsiding. Reason not to get both feet at same time is then you are a total invalid.

  257. Cristen Says:

    I had both bunions and tailor’s bunions done on both feet at the same time! I have no idea what I was thinking!! It will be 6 weeks since surgery on friday and I’m still in pain! I have a really high pain tolerance, but this some serious pain! I have some pretty serious scars that i’m hoping will fade. I dont know if I would advise this for anyone, unless you have 24 hour care for 3-4 weeks.

  258. Zoe Says:

    Carrie, you are soooo lucky to have this ‘luxurious’ treatment. I only had an appointment with a nurse at my local GP surgery in the first 6 weeks after the operation. No re-bandage, no physio, no orthopedic shoe, nothing!! My stitches were not dissolvable. It was an agony to have the stitches remove, although the nurse was extremely gentle. Now, my right foot is sort of done. I’m not that happy with the result. The big toe still bends inwards and the bone on the side of my right foot still sticks out. But I have to admit that it looks better than before.

  259. Carrie Says:

    Sig, every surgery is different, but I was exhausted,too. When I asked my doctor he told me that it is common to get tired after surgery, but not to lay around too much that being on my foot once an hour would help the healing process and my lethargy. Also, YES on the pressure. It took about 3-4 weeks before it felt normal to be on the foot. I kept a time-table with my ice routine, medicine, and walks- so it was easy to keep track of. Also, my doctor advised against 2 feet at once, for healing purposes. I have spoken to others that have done both and they are okay, though.

  260. Irene Martinez Says:

    First, I am very grateful for the comments on this website. Six weeks ago, as I anticipated bunion surgery (pins, also) on both feet I was very nervous about the unknown of post-surgery. However, reading the comments helped me to understand the stages of recovery. I can now share with you that my surgery on both feet went very well with minimal pain. The first two days after surgery were somewhat painful, but with the prescribed pain medication the pain was very tolerable. Since, then I take ibuprofren 800 when necessary. I did follow doctor’s orders regarding staying off my feet, elevating them above my heart, and icing them for about 7 days. Initially, I used the crutches to make bathroom trips, shortly afterwards I walked gingerly in the hospital boots. Three weeks after surgery I was able to find wide moccasin type shoes at a Payless Shoe Store that fit very comfortable. After the fourth week I was able to wear a good aerobic/walking shoe. I’m still not near walking very fast and my feet swell somewhat in the evening, but I’m making good progress. Best advise is, follow doctor’s orders!

  261. Sig Says:

    I had my surgery done on the left foot 5 days ago. I am kind of scared about not seeing the doctor yet. I am able to walk to the bathroom with my crutches but after a few minutes with the foot down, I feel pressure. I have been downstairs (dragging myself backwards because I am afraid of loosing balance) but I get tired quickly. Did anyone experience this?

  262. carrie Says:

    I had bunion/hammertoe surgery about 3 months ago. I had a little pain, but it was easy to manage with ice and tylenol. My doctor was awesome, I had a HUGE bandage on and wore the boot for 1 week, then went in to have the bandage changed during week 2, week 3 post-op I had the screw removed and was able to get the bandage wet and the dissolvable stiches began to disappear, the boot was replaced by an orthopedic shoe. The whole foot was very bruised… Then the bandage was removed and was replaced by a pressure bandage that I could remove for bathing. Physical therapy twice a week and a continuous passive motion machine has been WONDERFUL. Ask your doctors for both! I am having surgery number two in two weeks… Crocs are awesome for recovery footwear- I couldn’t wear my uggs for a while and the crocs were a godsend.

  263. jackie Says:

    Week 7 now and just out of plaster, thought once plaster off i’d be a little swollen but able to wear my ugg boots . ….Wrong !! swollen foot, can’t get any shoes on and still walking on my ankle. Gutted……….just want to get back to normal again.

  264. Nikita Says:

    I want to know why some doctors do both feet and some only do one at a time? I’m jealous cause I wanted both bunions done at 1 time and he wouldn’t!!!!!!!

  265. Nikita Says:

    Any one there have retracted bunion surgery? my doctor wanted to do it because after my right foot surgery my toe bends to the left,I have the right foot done 1/03/09, my left foot 12/211/09, my left foot looks good and fills very good.
    Thank you for your comments.
    Name Connie:date Thursday,March,03,10

  266. Nikita Says:

    i had my first bunion surgery at age 15 on my big toe. It was an easy surgery except for the first week, i was so tired and in a lot of pain. I had my second surgery at age 17 on my little toe. and that surgery was a piece of cake. yes it stll hurt but it was an easier recovery

  267. Cindy Says:

    It will be 7 weeks this week since my bunion surgery on the left foot.At my 6 wk. check-up this past week, my doctor was very concerned at all the better I could move my toes:esp. the big one. The place I had gone for physical therapy knew very little about bunion patients, therefore I have to start therapy all over again somewhere else. My foot is still swelling quite a bit and very stiff. I can’t stress enough the importance of good PT. Also, ask your DR. for detailed instructions on what you should be doing and what you should be able to do at each stage. I was to be non-weight bearing for 6 weeks but I didn’t realize I should be starting movement in the foot and toes. My big toe is NOT wanting to bend. I can’t imagine getting a shoe on all day in a week and a half but this boot is getting REALLY old. I am bathing my foot in prayer!

  268. nicole Says:

    Thank you all for your feedback. I was terrified as I am having my right foot done next week at the same time I am having my tendons cut on both feet to help with severe heel pain. I was about to back out but reading your feedback made me realize it will all be worth it and i am not alone. :) I hope everyone has healed well.

  269. Carmen Says:

    I had my surgery 4 weeks ago. For the 1st week I was told to keep it elevated above my heart and keep ice on it. So we rented an ice machine that constantly runs cold water through and ice pack, I think that is what saved me from pain. I can now fit an athletic shoe on without the insole inside. I am able to walk short distances but it is painful in the spot where I think the pin is. and my foot is still thick.

  270. kimy Says:

    You will be fine just relax and trust your surgeon, I had both feet at the same time on Nove 19, 2009 and I’m so happy that I’m able to workout again and no more pain at night.


  271. kimy Says:

    I had a2 feet operated on at the same time and there was NO weight bearing for 6-8 weeks, as well, That but I could still walk in those sandals from day one.
    I was in my tennis shoes (I mega strongly recommend (spring court ones, a bit pricey but well worth it!) after 6 weeks. It took me 4 weeks to gradually walk completely normal.
    I walk the childrent to school and back (twice a day) so that was quite demanding on me to start with (I had the surgery done during their summer holiday), soI actally walked 2x 45 mins every day (and that’s just school run), I was a bit on the slow side to start with, about 1-2 weks, but then the Doc told me the mmore I wak – the better, which proved to be spot-on.
    When I first put the tennis shoes on I thought the surgery was a big mistake, Icould barely move my foot and the joint s were sore and stiff. I thought that was going to be permanent!
    But, in reality, it was just poor joints that did nothing for 6 weeks plus had all that cutting and stitching done to them, “warming up and stretching and getting used to moving after a long time. so that agony was dispelled after a week I thought. I was so happy I didn’t have to wear those wretched heavy back heel bearing sandals, I put up with everything.
    Again, it was all worth it…

  272. Patricia Says:

    I had bunion surgery on my right foot on Nov 20, 2009. I am very pleased with the results. The scar does not look gross but very clean. The constant throbbing I experienced prior to the surgery is gone and I will get right left foot done as soon as my doctor can schedule me.

  273. kimy Says:

    I am going on one week. I had pins pu in my right foot. I have three kids and have to be off my foot for 6-8 weeks. This surgery has been harder for me than my c-section. I will not be doing the other one.

  274. Cindy F Says:

    It has been a month now since I had bunion surgery on my left foot. It is still swollen,esp.when I’m on it all day. When I say on it though, I mean with the boot and heel only. I have been shocked that so many of you have been able to put weight on it so soon. I went to for 2 opinions, a podiatrist and then the ortho that did it and they both said I would be non-weight bearing on the involved foot for 6-8 weeks. Also, of all the Dr’s I’ve gone too as my other foot is much worse, NOONE around here does both feet at the same time that I have heard of. Again, I have the knee walker, so things have been much easier for me. I can do most everything myself around the house.

  275. lana Says:

    Walking on the sides of your fit is more than normal. I walked like that for probably 3 monts after the surgery (gradualy less and less, of course), it’s all because of he internal swelling which also goes down gradually.
    Even now 6 months later, although I run etc, the internal stuff still reacts when I overdo it, so it IS a very slow process, but all the major improvement happens in the first 2-3 months, after that it’s almost invisible, but you notice tiniest of the tiny differences….apparently it’s all back to like before the surgery up to a year….
    If I had the choice again, I’d still have BOTH done at the same time, it’s much more time effective.

  276. tracy Says:

    I had bunion surgery 3 weeks ago on the left foot. I also had a Morton’s neuroma removed on the same foot between my second and third interspace. The pain has been minimal except for some shooting pains to the ends of my toes in the middle of the night. This may be a result of the neuroma surgery. Ibuprofen seems to work fairly well for me.
    The Dr. told me not to put any weight on the foot for a few more days, but I start physiotherapy next week. I take the aircast boot off quite frequently as it is uncomfortable but I don’t crutch anywhere without it though. I will be glad when I don’t need crutches anymore, as I find they really limit what I can do because they require me to use my arms and hands so much. I’ve been doing ankle rotations and flexions carefully to try to re-build my calf muscles along with wiggling my toes gently a few times a day. My mobility seems to be getting much better. There is still lots of swelling and even after three weeks so I find I keep my foot up as much as possible.
    When did most people start walking after surgery? How long did it take before you could wear a tennis shoe instead of the aircast?

  277. Lilly Says:

    Its been 6 wks today that i had both my feet done, along with metal plugs in both my ankles to stop recurrence of bunions and to give me a bit of an arch as i was flat foot. I still have swelling, and bruised on big toe – i assume this is normal going by what others have said? I am very concerned with the way i walk, i use a frame and walk more on the side of my feet rather than the whole foot – is this normal? or happened to anyone else? i see the doc next wk, but i’m concerned as i should be in a normal shoe by now (so i was told) and i can’t walk properly and when i try to put my foot down with all pressue to walk it is so painful and my foot does’t listen! its like it just wants to walk on the side, and i can’t walk for long before it hurts n my ankle. Has anyone gone through this same pain? Please help!

  278. Maria Says:

    I am now about 4 wks after surgery of the one foot. The doc said I would be walking when I see him next week. I definitely see a reshaping of the foot since the addtional ankle ankle plug/screw created. I think it may take time for the me getting used to walking with this new arch. I was very flat footed prior to surgery. I have been elevating most of the day, icing rarely, and have found the need for pain medication at night. Nothing out of the ordinary again, and as to be expected after surgery. The scar looks good and the brusing around the arch is almost gone. With the aircast boot off, I range the foot which takes some getting used to esp with the side-to-side motion which can cause some discomfort, but my calf is very atrophied. I was told I could bear weight with and walk with the aircast from the beginning. I found that there is no way to walk with the aircast without crutches. Since it is going well enough, I will have the other done whenever doc says it’s ok. We’ll see how it goes though when I’m actually walking in regular shoes. All in all is has not been bad. Help at home is a must!

  279. Irene Martinez Says:

    Seeking advise. I’m scheduled to have bunion surgery on both feet in two weeks. The bunion on my right foot is much worse than the one on my left. Due to the recovery on both feet versus on foot, should I consider having surgery on my right foot first, then do the left foot?

    Thank you.


  280. kimy Says:


    My left foot was worst than my right foot. I had mine done at the same time on Now 19, 2009. For me getting fixed on both feet done at the same time is great. Make sure you have help at home. :) :)

  281. Irene Martinez Says:

    I had my right bunyion removed 17 days ago and stitches removed after two weeks. I’ve experienced very little pain, but still have swelling. My doctor gave me the oaky to start walking (gradual) and driving. based on all your comments, however, I will continue icing, elevating and limiting walking to decrease swelling. I plan to have the left one done as soon as the doctor will schedule me. Thanks for all your helpful comments. God bless!!

  282. Bethany Says:

    I had a bunionectomy on both feet. I had my last (8 week) follow up appointment today and had xrays taken. The doctor measured the angle between my big toe and second toe to be 11 degrees on one foot and 10 degrees on the other. Is this a good result? I think it still looks like I have bunions! And my feet are still sore even in gym shoes. Please share if this is normal!

  283. Cindy Fraer Says:

    I had bunion surgery on 12/31/09 so it’s been 3 weeks for me. It hasn’t been nearly as bad as I thought it might be. I still have swelling of course and very minor bruising in the toes. As far as movement goes, my Dr. sent me for physical therapy after I went for my 2 week check-up because I couldn’t bend my toes and I have been very thankful because therapy has really gotten my movement back. Otherwise, it would probably still be like a block of wood because I really didn’t know how much I was allowed or supposed to do with it. I got a roller-aid which has been another blessing because I couldn’t deal with the crutches which I was told would be for 6-8 weeks without putting any weight on my foot. I got the boot after two weeks and that at least stabilzes me in getting up but I agree it is uncomfortable. When I get my other foot done, I will know more; ice more often and elevation higher for the first 2 weeks which I did but will be even more disciplined about. Cindy F 1/20/10

  284. Zoe Says:

    Today is my 4th day after my surgery on my right foot. The pain is not bad as I’m taking Co-codamol regularly. I top up with two ibuprofen before I go to sleep. The good thing is that I feel absolutely fine when I’m sleeping (while I was expecting some painful nights before the surgery!). I’ve hired a scooter to take my kids to and from school while they ride their bikes, but it only works when the weather is good! I’m surprised that my next appointment is 14 days after the operation. During these 14 days, I’m totally on my own!

  285. kimy Says:

    Bunion Surgery Recovery

    2 months since my surgery I started working out again Sunday using elliptical machine. As far as shoes I’m waring Ugg to work everyday.

  286. RG Says:

    Bunion Surgery Recovery

    I had bunion surgery on my left foor on Dec 31, 2009. I stopped taking pain medicine after 24 hours. The pain was bearable. I kept my foot elevated the 1st 10 days, and also iced regularly the first 4 days. I am seeing some brusining and discoloration of the skin under the bandaged area. I can wiggle my toes, but my left toe certainly doesn’t have the flexibility that my other toe does. I guess this is normal…I have never had surgery before, this is my first time under the knife. I do a lot of yoga and a down dog certainly doesn’t look doable at this time.

    It is only 2+ weeks after surgery, so I guess I need to be patient and give it some time. I am able to watch without crutches but have been asked to keep it to a minimum.

  287. joe Says:

    All my life I’ve wore socks because from an early age I’ve been insecure about my bunions because people would make fun of them. My grandmother and mother have bunions so I’m sure its genetic. Guess I’m thinking about surgery tho, so fuck insecurities =D
    Name: joe Date: Monday, Jan 17 2011

    I had surgery when I was 14; I was a dancer and came home in excruciating pain every night making the surgery necessary. Really think about it if you are a dancer because a) you can’t dance for two or three months and b) you really have to start from scratch. I was doing triples and quads on my right foot before, but after, it took me a couple months to get into doing doubles again. Tapping was absolutely miserable and I could not do easy things like toe stands. My teacher had to take all that stuff out of the dance for me and I felt terrible about it. There were some things that I just could no longer do and I felt like I was letting me teacher down and my fellow dancers down. I wanted to continue in college, but I couldn’t since my technique was lowered to about a middle school level and I didn’t want to let down anyone else. I am 20 now, and although my foot is no longer in pain, it is constantly sore, and I am always saddened by the fact that I can no longer dance.

  288. Zoe Says:

    My surgery is tomorrow morning and I’m so scared! After reading everyones positive feedback I feel alot better :) Thanks

  289. Gina Says:

    I had my surgery on Dec 29, 2009. I had apin the first couple of days, but it wasn’t intense after the first night. I don’t feel the incision at all because the toe is numb, and as I understand, it will be that way for up to 18 months. However, the pin on the top of my foot really bothers me. I rented a RollerAid tricycle and it has been a magnificent help, especially at the end of the day when I’m just TIRED of that dang pin. Insurance covered the cost because I asked my doctor to write a prescription for it. I primarily wear the board shoe, since every time I wear the boot the pin hurts. (I honestly think the boot is just a moneymaker for the physician, but I’m a nurse, so I may be more jaded than others.) The plastic footbed of the shoe tends to get a little malodorous. I’ve been making liners out of several layers of paper towel cut to size and stapled together. They are absorbing the perspiration and cutting down on the odor. Wish I’d have thought of that earlier. The board shoe is also too small in the heel, and I find I am much more comfortable with some upholstery foam inserted back there–stabilizes things a great deal. Went back to babysitting my 1 year old grandaughter at 1 week. I’m much slower, but other than that everyting is OK.

  290. kimy Says:

    I am having surgery Friday on my left foot. I have a moderate bunion. I am excited and scared at the same time. I am ready for my foot to stop hurting and burning, but not looking forward to the recovery.

  291. Maria TG. Says:

    I just had surgery on the 30th and did not require pain meds since 1/1/2010. Lots of bruising, but to be expected. I was unwrapped today and the incision looks great, and have been diligent in keeping my feet up. I’m a runner so I hope it will improve my runs later. I have 2 screws the large toe, and extra subtalar arthrodesis w/ch is a screw in the ankle to prevent recurrance-that’s a little sore, but again I don’t require pain medications. I’m on a walking boot and crutches and healing well from what I saw. I’m planning on having the other foot done too.

  292. Roger pres Says:

    i had surgery when i was 14 -15 im now 24 i still have pain througout my whole body till this day. Bunions is a scary thing either way i still got the pain. My feet are very very sensative till this day my bunion is gone but my other toes are still affected so it was worthless to me and not worth the pain.

  293. Linda Says:

    I had my right foot (with pins) done just 4 days ago. My doc did not recommend doing both feet at once and my left foot was not as bad. The first two days were the most painful but the pain meds helped. I am doing what the doctor told me to stay off my feet, keep it elevated, wear my boot when I need to move and to ice it.
    I went to the doc yesterday for a check and bandage change and it looks good…no bruising yet and very little swelling. Today there was even less pain. He told me that the more I stay off it, especially the first three weeks, the faster I will heal.

  294. lana Says:

    There’s no need to be scared. I had BOTH feet done and was able to move around, having only One done then looked like NOTHING to me.
    So you should be fine so long as you have your foot elevated 99% of the time during those first two weeks.
    There’s nothing scary or mysterious in the surgery, it’s just your bone and soft tissue healing and needing time to repair and rebuild again, if you disturb the process by moving the whole area or even stubbing the foot, then of course it’s going to be slower and even possibly complicated , but it’s all well wrapped up and sown up after the surgery so, no need for panic.
    The two weeks will go fast, and nothing super important will happen without you!
    It’s just like when you go out with dirty hair, noone but you will notice!

  295. kimy cheun Says:

    Bunion Surgery Recovery

    Thursday December 17 will be one month of my post bunion surgery. I’m feeling pretty good. walking without crutches :) . My surgon (Dr. Marder)told me that I have the strongest bones its like chopping wood. He had to placed surgical screws on both feet.

    I was back to work in 12 days.

    Anyone know what is the best scream for scar???

  296. jill Says:

    well im freakin scared about having my bunion done, i have to go school two weeks after i have the surgery and advice how i can heal faster

  297. lana Says:

    hello to all post op sufferers, I had my both feet operated on in July 2009 and have almost forgotten about it now, it looks like a life away, but I do remember the first few weeks when recovery time was measured by days and day 10 was so far away….

    black foot or toe is probably just bruising (mainly from anaesthetics injections in each of the five nerves in each foot) which in my case took about 4 weeks to go away.
    Before my bandageing (and stitches) were off I felt pain in two spots on my feet and thought it was a disaster operation etc etc, but all it was was pressure on the scar which is the most sensitive part of the whole thing they are still red on me now and tender if touched by something rough)) so that takes a long time to go away fully) , roughly after 2 weeks life becomes much easier.

    6 weeks, you’ll be in your shoes and 4 weeks later you’ll walk “normal”.

    The thing that made my recovery better than average was simply good self discipline. i.e. plenty of foot elevation, I slept on the sofa for 3 months (which had its beauties of no snoring husband!) so my feet were always on the armrest. did all the normal stuff from day two: walked to the toilet, had shower (with heavily plastic wrapped in binbags and masking tape feet for the first 2 weeks before the stitches were taken out). My feet were not awfully bunioned, rather moderate , so am glad I didn’t put it of till the surgery would have requiered more invasion and slower recovery,

    all in all it has been a brilliant experience, I’ve been back in the gym since late September, I go on the school run (don’t drive) so my feet are serving me perfectly again, and they are pretty as well now. In turn, having taken them for granted for so long, I treat them to some moisturising cream now and then and they are lovely and suupple lilke when I was a little girl!
    Finally, dont despair, there IS athe light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not as far away as i it may appear!
    Merry Christmas, to all, and Joy to this World the Saviour is born!

  298. lana Says:

    Ah yes, regarding pins and screws, I seem to have quite a few inserted and they are so tiny I don’t feel anything at all.
    My doctor cleverly did not want to alarm me initially or put me off the surgery and said they may be taken out. Of course they were not taken out, they are there to make the job rock solid and cemented so everything in those joints works perfectly well.
    The metal bits are only taken out very rarely if they cause discomfort.
    Thank God, my surgery has been blessed from day one, everything went really well, but I was told I was a really good patient, apparently a lot of people don’t wear the toe dividers for 3 months, don’t elevate their feet, try to wear normal shoes before the right time, and a lot more….just plain silly to me!

  299. GWEN Says:


  300. kimy Says:

    Bunion Surgery Recovery

    I’m having both feet done on Thursday (Novembe,19)I’m scared :(

  301. stephanie Says:

    I had bunion surgery yesterday on both feet. I’m able to get around ok. I have special shoes to wear and once i get up and can walk short distances. it hurts tho, they gave me oxycontin but it didn’t work and my foot feels like its burning

  302. stephanie Says:


    ijusthadbunionsugerymysecondtoeandmybigtoeisnumbthedr.saidthismighttakealongtimetohealwhenhewastakingoffthecast that i had on my foot he cut into my skin, ididn,t like that one bit. i think the dr. was in a hurry. ihave abunion on my right foot, and it,s going to stay. no more bunion sugery for me. l j w.

  303. Susan Says:

    I saw my friend today who had bunion surgery almost 6 wks ago. His foot looks swollen (which sounds normal as I read these posts) but he says that it feels very hard and kind of numb, although he is grateful he can feel the sheets on his bed again. Does this sound familier to anyone? He’s kind of worried…but doesn’t see his docter until next week.

  304. Debbie Brain Says:

    I had my right bunion removed 11 days ago and I am getting around OK in my husband’s slippers. Am not happy fitting into my own just yet. I haven’t experienced pain, as such, in my recovery but there are times of discomfort. I have little bruising and feeling in all my toes. I am quite happy with the progress so far. Every day is day towards full recovery and I am certainly looking forward to that.

  305. Debbie Brain Says:

    I’m 7 and a half weeks post op, in tennis shoes, doing the 25 min one way (times 4) school run a day…..and patiently waiting for the swelling to go down….and go back to sweating in the gym…and walking PROPEERLY!
    YOu wouldn’t believe how weird it is to want to walk and your foot doesn’t obey yoiu!!!
    It’s like this swelling doesn’t allow the ankle and the rest of the foot bones to make the right movement, really strange….no pain, just discomfort on the sides of my feet and a bit on the heel after a lot of walking (as they sem to take the full brunt of it all)..
    All yea sufferers at earlie stages, keep going, THERE SEEMS TO BE A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL, after all…
    as for the lady with the foot looking black, if it’s the bruising, don’t worry, other than that I can’t think what else it can me, but if it’s not the bruising (which took me almost 6 weeks to go away, amazing!), then ring your doc asap!)
    Love to all and God bless!

  306. Sakura-Chan Says:


  307. lana Says:

    I am in my day 10 of having both bunions “done”. I don’t know what I’m expected to feel, the doctor only said to keep it elevated, didn’t say a word about icing. My bunins were “mild”, still , he put ins in both which he said he may/may not take out (no idea when).
    I am seeing him on Monday.
    apparently I should be in normal shoes by the end of August and now have those heavy terrible big sandals with heel walking) and cruthces.
    I fell a bit of ain in the right toe along the outer side, but don’t know if it’s normal or not. I am really annoyed the doctor didn’t say much and I was too groggy after the surgery and anaesthetic to remember to ask stuff.
    Anyone been here?

  308. Wendy Says:

    Hi I had mine done 01/06/09 and it is still swollen and quite sore, the bruising has nearly gone but I have no feeling in my toe and I cannot bend it at all.

  309. michelle Says:

    i just had a bunion surgery on my right foot. it was okay, not much pain. what i want to ask is, the pin. on the stitches part is not painful but the part where the pin supposedly is,is the part where it hurts? my question is, why is there a pin? i thought i was gonna past out when they were getting the stitches out but the pin? i dont know bout that.

  310. admin Says:

    Name: michelle Date: Monday, Jun 15 2009

    I had my surdery 10 days ago, and now my toe is black and has no sensitivy/
    Is ther something wrong?